5 Spring Decor Ideas to Stay Fresh

Let’s face it. Though the Valentine’s still only on its way to town, the little light of excitement within us has already been ignited.

Of course some might argue that it’s a bit too early for an article devoted to the awakening of nature and spring decor in a sun-filled interior setting, but we think it’s not. Just the thought of the daylight, available long enough to be seen on our way to home, sets a little spring-frenzy in! These are five hints for a spring decor that’ll invite the light to stay in your place for longer!

P.S. The little fairy by the flowers is “Flora Firenze” by none other than the always-amazing Virgola

Writings on the Decor

Spring decor ideas. Shibori.

The electrifying phone case artwork – “Cara Delevingne” by Alina Grinpauka

Expressively minimalist approach leaves the center stage (for a change) and paves the way to the unique, rather colorful and always noticeable prints that go by the peculiar designation of shibori. No chevron patterns (although this assembly of “V’s” might return later this year)! Truth to be said, shibori prints are ideologically a part of the minimalist approach to interior design, but it’s clear that visually there’s much more going on than before. A lot more personality, a lot more of the African heritage and mystique! There’s definitely a lot more to look at so it’s kind of an attention stealing way to present a decor piece. Rumoured to be hot this spring!

Come on Baby Light my Fire

Spring decor ideas. Vintage match striker.

The delicate mug design – “Hydra” by Sofia Bonati

Such a specific little object as a match striker with a vintage appeal will set its rule on a variety of cafe tables around the globe. Place it on your table to make it contemporary! The only explanation for its increasing popularity can be found in its tribal appeal. Just like the shibori, vintage match striker has a sense of a deep, ritual function, it was originally intended for, but, with all things African coming back onto the scene, has found a new appreciation among the mainstream public. Next to an appropriate tea set, this is a great thing to have whilst catching the first touch of the spring sun! The smallest one of spring decor ideas but the one that bears a great significance.

White and Blue, Blue and White (And a Bit of Brown)

Spring decor ideas. Blue and white, naval interior.

Artwork – “The Old Man Ocean” by Yulya Shironina

Combine these two as you wish, but keep in mind that these hues most likely will be used quite frequently during the spring of 2016. The source is, of course, the ocean with all of its magnificent visual attributes, therefore, anything of a sea life-related origin will serve as beautiful design addition. Seashells, coastal design solutions, driftwood decor, anything that would make Jacques Yves-Cousteau proud of your apartment will do the thing! White and blue, blue and white! And bits of brown somewhere in there! Make it seem like you’re an experienced sea-wolf!

Functional White Against the Green and Blue

Spring decor ideas. Blue walls, green decor and white shelving.

Wall art decor – “Selva” by Sofia Bonati and “Ufhuid” by Virgola

White shelving with green decor attributes against blue wallpaper will also have its moment in the spotlight. The color trio, which, in a sense, represents the airy ambiance of the springtime, can be used in a variety of combinations. White furnishings, with two other colors as the backing, green cushions on a white sofa before a blue fraction of a wall. Mainly, it will be all about white thingies as your hip decor, that’s more of an eye candy than something of a practical importance.

Metallic Exhibition With Touches of Wood

Spring decor ideas. Synthesis of wood and metal.

Wall art decor – “Melancholy” by Yulya Shironina

A strange hybrid of vintage futurism will also have a considerable say among the spring decor ideas of 2016. Hues of gray, brown and white can be synthesized with metallic interior objects for the desired effect, so – metallic picture frames, metallic candle holders, chandeliers, lamps and, if you like, a Newton’s cradle as the cherry on the top of the whole metallic pile. Though, most will agree that it’s kinda overused. Still, the right place might unveil its undeniable minimalist appeal in a different light. Dark brown wooden tables with metallic tableware are on the rise!

We’re Getting Progressively Eco-Oriented

Spring decor ideas. Eco-oriented.

Phone case design – “JULIE” by Sofia Bonati

As You already noticed, most of these spring decor ideas have a strong connotation with things of a natural origin. That’s because the spring of 2016 (and it’s likely to linger for the rest of the year) will obviously have this “eco thing” going for it! The brown of a fir, the green of a grass and the dark gray of a colossal mountain, from which the waterfall finds it exit! Furnishings should be of a natural origin, this time preferably wooden. Sources of light should be adorned with metallic accents while artworks on the wall should depict variations about the might of nature!

We really hope you found something useful on this little list. Meanwhile, hold on, because we all know what’s coming after the spring! We also long for it, but there are only 134 more days to go from now! And we’re counting!

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5 Spring Decor Ideas to Stay Fresh
Birds will tweet, rivers shall flow and light will rule! These are 5 spring decor ideas to stay fresh!

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