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How can the cast of Kill Bill, The Adam’s Family and The Grand Budapest Hotel co-exist together without overshadowing each other with their splendor? Well, luckily for us, the Italian illustrator Ale Giorgini with his beautiful stylizations has found the perfect medium. More of cubism-induced quirky pop culture iconography from now on!

Once You Start, You Never Give Up

Artwork by Ale Giorgini

“The Walking Dead”

Drawing can be a seriously addictive thing. From the moment you find out that you can actually portray your inner thought-constructs, there’s a good chance you’ll become a junkie for life. The same applies to Ale Giorgini, who took off as a child and never looked back. And it may be one of the greatest things that has ever happened to him or everyone around him for that matter. If there’s anyone who will take care of your favorite cult classic, be assured, Ale is up to the premise.

Artwork by Ale Giorgini

“Paris” and “London”

As of now, Ale Giorgini is a pretty busy man, to say the least. Working together with numerous world-renowned brands (Foot Locker, MTV, Warner Bros, Vibe Magazine, Emirates, Sony Pictures, Kinder Ferrero, Virgin Atlantic, G+J/Mondadori, Gruppo L’Espresso, Saldapress) Ale Giorgini still finds a tiny gap of time to teach illustration at the Scuola Internazionale di Comic (Comics International School in Padua) and curate two international Illustration festivals (Illustri Festival and Berga Urban Museum). Oh, and there’s also 4 monthly comics, books, and additional work for magazines. What was that age-old saying? The more you do, the more you can do. Thank you, William Hazlitt.

Ale’s Good

Artwork by Ale Giorgini

“Airplane Chill”

In many ways, Ale Giorgini is the perfect pop artist (well, duh, considering the appreciation he’s received from the guys in the brackets above). Not only there’s the right amount of stylization (you can still recognize the faces of Karl and Rick Grimes or the grumpy features of Walter White), it’s just as synthetic (in a brilliant kind of a way) and comic-like, that it comes off as a textbook example of a great wall art tribute.

Artwork by Ale Giorgini

“Grand Budapest Hotel”

From Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas to Game of Thrones and the original ensemble of the Star Wars, there’s something for everybody to love. Each artwork has its own unique color scheme depending on which TV show or motion picture it’s dedicated to, so off we go with a red-splashed pantheon of Kill Bill, the moody yellow of the Breaking Bad and the sassy purple of the Anderson’s Grand Budapest.  Fans will dig and the rest will definitely appreciate.

Still taking an active part in advertising, publishing and all kinds of other entertainment areas, Ale Giorgini is a man to admire. And just like it is with every artist, the greatest satisfaction the author can get, comes from the love we can show to their work. So let’s show some!

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Ale Giorgini
Ale Giorgini is a man to admire. The Italian illustrator offers explosive pop culture iconography, were Tarantino sits nicely next to Wes Anderson!

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