Animal Art. On a Serious Note


One of our more recent articles, dedicated to the animal prints in all of their fluffy glory, mostly dealt with the cutest of golden buds, nutters, and mousers. This time, we’re entering the “beyond midnight” phase of the Animal Planet where dangers in the form of nightly predators lurk from every corner. Just like the brave explorer enters the dark and sultry Amazonian cave accompanied only by a fragile torchlight, we step into the territory of animal art. This time – on a more serious note.


Animal art. Mayka Can2ienova


Although the pleasant sound of deep, silent vibrations exuded from your kitten traditionally is considered a sign of tomcat’s satisfaction, which also has a likewise soothing effect on the owner, there is one purr rarely anyone would like to here in a close proximity. The stealthiness, precision and infamous killing instinct of the black panther are well documented. The ruthless, but an undeniably gracious animal is somewhat of a symbol of the after-hours hunter, the one who emerges from nowhere, does its macabre deeds, and disappears into the pitch-black oblivion. Still, the animal is a sight to witness. Interestingly, though, black panthers are actually regular leopards (In central Asia and Africa) and Jaguars (in both of Americas) with increased melanism. The dots are still there, however, it’s not that easy to see them. Nevertheless, that’s most likely a benefit only for the quadrupedal side.  

Deep Down

Animal art.TAOJB


Another animal Hollywood has done a lot of aspersion to. Though it may occur as a rather intimidating creature, octopuses are well-known to be some of the most intelligent and well-behaved of invertebrates found on our planet. It has numerous defensive strategies while the lack of internal skeleton allows it to perform underwater acrobatics no other animal is quite capable of. All of the 300 octopus species are venomous, though only one is truly capable of providing lethal consequences for the humans. All in all, as you can see by the artwork above, the animal is actually gorgeous. One of the noble, mysterious and yet to be fully understood of the underwater dwellers.

Everyone’s Favorite Bear

Animal art. My Dead Pony


Much to everyone’s surprise, the number of Panda bears found in the wilderness has been steadily rising over the last few years. That’s more than just good news since at one point there weren’t even a good thousand of these bamboo-crazy fellas roaming the mountain terrains of the south central China. Though the animal art by Over My Dead Pony offers a kind of punkish edition of the black and white Asian teddy bear, most will agree that the world would be robbed of a truly unique and beautiful animal if not for the super successful conservation efforts taking place for the last couple of years. Still, the rolling and tumbling little beasts (they do eat meat sometimes, yes) are classified as endangered, so there’s no reason to celebrate. Resist and Revolt till there’s enough of them to occupy the whole of The Great Wall!

The Tusker

Animal art. Yulya Shironina


Not only elephant is the biggest terrestrial creature to walk the same plains we’re rolling, it is also a sacred symbol in numerous world cultures and the only moving, life-size Mammoth preview available to us. Well, mostly to the people inhabiting Africa and Asia. Another animal with unpredictable behavioral patterns, the elephant is a creature to respect. Yula Shironina has done just that by creating a marvelous depiction of the colossal being, adding a kind of a totemic quality and South-East India appeal any self-respecting boho crib would crave for. Up to 4 m high and close to 7 tons in weight, these tuskers are the embodiment of power, endurance, and vigor.

The Spirit of the Forrest

Animal art. Zvēru Dārzs


A contradictory animal that can be viewed both as a noble guardian of the forests and a savage hunter, who prefers a considerable pack of siblings around in the process. This animal art depiction by the artist known as Zvēru Dārzs (Animal Garden) obviously stresses the first definition. A character of numerous mythologies and fairy tales from all around the globe, it’s an animal as much as it is a walking archetype from the wild and mysterious forest line. Its howl is one of all time classic sounds to make one shiver and is as fascinating as scary while it’s appearance is what the wild hunter of the North type is all about. It’s probably the most researched and written-about-animal in existence and is both despised and respected by the communities around the world. Make sure to join the latter faction.

These animal art entries are sure to bring in some rather serious note. A bit of a food for thought, a bit of the requisite moodiness, let these remind us, that our Planet, more than everything else, is a shared estate.

Article Name
Animal Art. On a Serious Note
Just like the brave explorer enters the dark and sultry Amazonian cave accompanied only by a fragile torchlight, we step in the territory of animal art.

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