They Own the Planet. Animal Art Prints

They own the planet. Animal art prints

So, another research has lead us to some rather surprising conclusions. Turns out that we have a considerable amount of artworks depicting our greatest tail-wagging sidekicks, purriest of whiskers and a whole load of other fluffy, walking, crawling and flying loves. In many ways, probably the most underrated category of ours, we present you with animal art prints!

The Swaying Air Bud

Animal art prints. Artwork by Chen Ju-Lin.

“Let’s Mambo” by Chen Ju-Lin

Do you remember that peculiar mid-to-late-90’s period when the market was overstuffed with all of those direct-to-DVD (or straight-to-VHS to keep the authenticity) flicks about the many ways a golden retriever could go? Football, basketball and some rather unconvincing exercises in volleyball, the doggy was all over the place. Well, as it’s been almost two decades since the Buddy hit the scene with a loud bark, this is a great opportunity to remind yourself of the Sunday evening television´s glory days. Air bud: A Golden Retriever that Drives Motorcycles and Wants to Join the Lines of the Greaser Subculture. An instant blockbuster.

The Nutter

Animal art prints. Artwork by Chen Ju-Lin.

“Squirell” by Chen Ju-Lin

Squirrels are genuinely awesome so it only makes sense that the general public has been finally catching up with the trend in the last couple of years (all the spinning squirrel videos on the Tube). There’s hardly a more aww-inducing sight than the little creature rapidly depositing all his nutty food reserves in those chubby cheeks, looking so innocently guilty that it simply renders the onlooker helpless. In fact, there should be a therapy that involves the sight. We might actually obtain the world peace that way!  

Birdy Identity Crisis

Animal art prints. Artwork by Olga Oilikki.

“Are You a Bird?” by Olga Oilikki

Olga Oilikki has a natural ability to generate animal art prints straight out from a European animation flick that collects a gazillion of festival awards for its subtle undertones and the art house-esque visual representation. Moody yet never losing a comical twist, she draws up animals as you saw them as a 5-year-old. Only better, of course, for we can actually distinguish the species despite the beautiful stylizations. We still, though, cannot answer Olga’s question. It seems that beak really does matter.

Like a Prayer

Animal art prints. Artwork by Rob Snow.

“Keep the Faith” by Rob Snow

From the somewhat usual to the supernatural. Okay, there’s nothing supernatural about the particular corytophanid exemplary except maybe for its Christ-like habit to run significant distances over the surface of the water. Even the commonly used name for the lizard (Jesus Christ Lizard) derives from its ability to water walk, despite the scientific but equally impressive original designation – Basiliscus. However, it’s  not the  prayers that keep the little fella away from the fate of Jack Dawson. Those are flaps between their toes that give the creature its enviable superpowers.

The League of Extraordinary Animals

Animal art prints. Artwork by Chen Ju-Lin.

“Love Crabs” by Chen Ju-Lin

Just won’t you look into to those eyes! Chen-Yu Lee has pictured an unusual friendship, however, as the experience suggests, it’s usually the most offbeat pairings that prove to be the most durable. And again, the eyes of the mouser with the party hat could easily rival those of the Puss in the boots. Hearts will be melted! And the crab also shouldn’t be under appreciated. They’re very familial and are capable of a day-long sidewalking. Sounds goofy, but try out combining the two things just for one day and you’ll see what’s tough!

Seconds from the CATastrophe

Animal art prints. Artwork by Rob Snow.

“Catastrophe” by Rob Snow

Alrighty, we have a Sphynx cat as the last one, an individual that seems just as intent on pushing the red button as Stanislav Petrov was on not doing it. Sphynx cats have always been a matter of great dispute. While some find them really fancy and aristocratic, cat conservatives usually strike back with a pretense that all cats should be coated. Well, all of us can not be the same, for we wouldn’t have any idea what it is to be dressed if someone wouldn’t be…rather naked. All in all, they’re unique and fascinating in their own right!

So that’s enough of the animal art prints for today. We might continue at some point, but in the meantime, if this little insight into our animal kingdom awakened your inner David Attenborough, rest assured, we have a fauna worth quite a few documentaries!

P.S The author of the foxey lady below the title is Mercedes Leon.

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They Own the Planet. Animal Art Prints
Animal Planet time! For all the "David Attenboroughs" out there, we present you with probably the most underrated category of ours - animal art prints!

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