Let Art Speak! Our View On How Art Can Change The World.


Art is all around us. It is the design of our clothes, it is the buildings in which we live in, it is the life which we live. So if it encompasses every aspect of our lives can we without a doubt say that art can change the world?

By the words of Andy Warhol, “An artist is somebody who produces things that people don’t need to have” art is not a necessity, but an elusive instrument. Art is enigmatic, this is justified by the many enquiries to the purpose of art as a body of knowledge, the function that it fulfils and whether it even has a function to serve. If we cannot define this substance that is known to us all as Art then how are we able to measure its influence on the world? So indeed how can art change the world? Let us break down the question into minuscule segments to filter out some meaning.

What Is Art And How Art Can Change The World? 

When thinking about art we must consider it in very broad and very narrow terms simultaneously. Art is not restricted to one area of knowledge, yet it does not encompass everything. Just as art is neither subjective nor objective. Of course, everyone has a subjective idea of what is art, yet there are also objectively defined terms or standards than recognise art. It’s the fact that we cannot define art as a discipline that makes it so hard to define its functionality or purpose.

Art Is A Medium For  Communication

Art is a language. Art is a means of communication.

Unlike language, art has no limitations in expression. The major reason being that it has little or no boundaries. We cannot conceptualize art contrary to language. We, people, have a very good understanding of what language (written, spoken or gesticulated) is – the use of certain symbols that convey a defined meaning. Due to the materialization of language, it is much harder to interpret it in a plethora of ways and give it varying shapes and sizes.

That is why expressing yourself in art is a task more complex to achieve, because of the loosely defined interpretation of what is art and how it feels. Yet the emotional expression can be a lot broader or a lot more specific than language can convey.

The major problem is that it is difficult to communicate through art on a daily basis. It would be like making a person listen to numerous happy songs to express your mood instead of just saying “I am happy”! However as art is loosely defined everyone can provide their own interpretation, thus, everyone can discover feelings and emotions we previously hadn’t explored.


So in the perspective as a means of conveying a message art both fails and succeeds. Art can be successfully used to convey broad and general messages quickly and effectively, take for example the very minimalistic canvas above by Rob Snow called Read All Over. It exemplifies in a subtle way the daunting effects of global warming. It is not only pleasant to look at, but also has an idea, a message that it carries.

Art fails to bring specific meaning like language does. So to the question: can art change the world? I have to say yes! Art is an influencer of thought, it provokes you, so in this way it can change the way you feel, the way you think. Art can change the world by the means of communication!

Art Is A Means Of Self-Reflection

Art gives the opportunity to express yourself as a means of a language of its own type. Yet art also gives the opportunity to reflect your own emotions and clarify your emotional state by the action of perceiving art. For example:

dragons-mistress-iphone-phonecaseThe Dragon’s Mistress by Giulio Rossi is a fierce, bold and intimidating character who gives off a vibe of a rebel. In this sense, you can on some level resonate with the character and develop your emotional state on the same level as she. You can gain the energy of this certain frequency and let yourself radiate as a rebel.

By looking, by perceiving art by a certain notion we become the art ourselves because we have the ability to feel empathy, we humans have the ability to feel what others feel by putting ourselves in a hypothetical state of existence as the other person. Of course, this will not manifest us into the character or person fully, but will give the necessary tools of perceiving differently. Art has the ability to change the way we think and feel, so, yes art can change the world, even if we ourselves are unaware of this!

Art For A Better World

Here at Creame, we take pride in what we do. Our artists are from all over the world, that means we get a lot of perspective. A lot of points of views all of which express something different, something unique. Art for us is lived through design, we speak and listen to the people through design, just like Dailing Su speaks with her artwork Earth Chaos.


We believe in the power of art and its effect on anyone and everyone. That is why our main mission is to spread art to the masses, spread aesthetic design and let the art speak. We believe that art can change the world!


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Let Art Speak! Our View On How Art Can Change The World.
What is art? Is it strictly defined? And how can art change the world? Are questions that have no categorical answer, yet here at Creame, we try to answer.

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