Atmospheric Art for That Rainy Day

Atmospheric Art for That Rainy Day

In reasonable rations, rain can actually have a very healing and tranquility evoking effect. The sound of its drops hitting the windowsill is one of the best lullabies that are known to man while the ever-gray sky ensures the necessary background for a profound contemplation. Just add a fuming cup of tea, the right kind of an ambient soundtrack and let the rain wash away your fears and doubts. Let yourself a meditative restart with a fitting piece of atmospheric art brought to you by Creame.

Rainy Day for the Rainy Minta

Atmospheric Art for That Rainy Day. Artwork by Sofia Bonati.

Rainy Minta” by Sofia Bonati

She’s been around so many times, but it’s only here where she has found a  truly appropriate setting. The gray, the white and the black is the trio we sometimes need for its soothing effect, simply to appease the boiled up emotion and the overdose of colors. This is not a hue combo of oppression, but rather a recipe for refreshment. Dynamic emotion is what makes the day worth remembering, but sometimes, when it’s important to recompose our thoughts, it must come to a halt. These are the gray, neutral stations of our lives when everything too “electric” can become slightly irritating. Bits of sorrow and noire exuded by this piece of atmospheric art will only stir up your creativity while also setting in the balance you’ve craved for!

Some Poetry

Atmospheric Art for That Rainy Day. Artwork by Francesco Grande.

La Primavera” by Francesco Grande

It might be really surprising to learn how many people are actually doodling some forms of poetry when they feel an urge to do so. From a witty haiku to a long tear-sodden poem, everything initiated by the constant dropping outside is a written confession we must make in order to filter out our emotions. Some of these emotions should be carried further while some really belong to  a certain time and a certain place. For this example of atmospheric art we’ve picked “La Primavera” by Francesco Grande, a perfect melancholy-filled artwork, a poetry in a form of visual arts. That bird craves to be set free and even more so during those days when the Sun finds it hard to penetrate the sky. There’s nowhere to rush, so sit comfortably and scribble up something special. Whether it’s a drawing or another quatrain, it doesn’t matter for it’s a therapy for your soul in both ways.

Let the Rain Wash Your Hair

Atmospheric Art for That Rainy Day. Artwork by Sofia Bonati2.

Luella” by Sofia Bonati

“Luella” has some seriously wet thing going on. Hair soaking wet, all frizzy and impossible to collect. Sofia Bonati has created another of her “baroque” beauties. The nature of the artwork is a perfect depiction of the summer rain sensation. It’s warm, grayish but not at all sad or dismal. The vibes we’re getting here are dew, feminine and ease-inducing, and it’s an almost enviable sincerity those eyes are projecting towards us. Anyhow, it’s a beautiful piece of wall art that will sit in well within the most interior design aesthetics, one of those cases, when a previously empty wall suddenly becomes rich and intriguing from the moment the right canvas gets hung in the middle of it. A piece of atmospheric art that’s great for those who know how to get the best out of the gloomy day!

Nowhere Without a Mug

Atmospheric Art for That Rainy Day. Artwork by Virgola.

Rainy Day with Coffee” by Virgola

Rain is one spectacle to behold. It’s a calming art house cinema, really. All you need is a comfortable plaid, grandmother’s knitted socks and a heart warming herb tea. If the book you’re trying to finish for the fifth time this month  seems to be heavier than ever, leave it resting by your side. Get comfy, place some cushion under your head and let the magnificent sight carry you away. Even better if you have a little terrace, because for this particular “motion picture” it’s definitely the best seat in the house. The right kind of a mug is an important ingredient for the whole experience! “Rainy Day with Coffee” might be this right kind of a mug!

Crying in the Rain is Allowed

Atmospheric Art for That Rainy Day. Artwork by Dailing Su.

Fiance” by Dailing Su

As we already said it before, rainy day is your emotional and intellectual restart point. You’re free to sob, free to regret or to dig deep and disappear in that book which nobody else understands better than you. You’re also free to feel unprecedented happiness! Atmospheric art serves for the sole purpose of squeezing out any creative aspect from the occasion or to inspire you to create something on your own. Let the rain wash away any uncertainty, just like it washes that street right outside!

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Atmospheric Art for That Rainy Day
In reasonable rations, rain can actually have a very healing and tranquility evoking effect. These are 5 examples of atmospheric art to get the best out of that rainy day!

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