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Minimalism is poignant and an edgy thing – the whole idea of making everything more functional, ergonomic and sleek seeks to redefine what is necessary and what is obsolete. It is definitely the future of design. The style is developing gradually, growing into an organic design language.

However when most are posed with the question “what do you perceive as minimalistic interior design?“white walls and basically everything white get’s the lion’s share. It is such a misconception to think that a specific design style is limited to only a tiny spectrum of colour and material.

A  Genre Without Roots

Minimalism is one of the most abstract styles in architecture and design. Romanesque, Gothic have strong religious roots, Renaissance architecture and Classicism were both Roman and Greek period revivals in essence. Baroque and Rococo – again religious roots from the 17th and 18th centuries. Art Nouveau or Jugend Style was one of the first design languages that were abstract, animated, surreal even, it was the first modern style.

The 50s brought a new wave of design, a more functional,  more ergonomic, more economic, less rooted design – minimalism. A style which was not based in any specific region or related to any religion. Minimalism is an abstract genre, it’s a globalised style, it’s everything and it’s nothing.

Minimalistic And Very Audacious Interiors

Minimalism is a rootless style and this aspect allows to manipulate with it in any way. There’s no other design language more flexible than minimalism. To celebrate the quirky and the daring side of minimalism we give you a set of audacious interiors that’ll certainly help dissolve the stigma associated with minimalism.


colourfuldeep blue

Forget about the monochromatic black & white, it might do well for a downtown loft, but if you desire to be an individual – SPICE IT UP because no one’s soul is flush.


green ceiling

This flat is as classic as postmodernism gets. The chairs stroke an Italian leather note, while the gold hazelnut lacquered wooden floor gives an air of luxury modesty, the green ceiling, and the pendant lamp really put emphasis on an area of the flat that’s usually the airiest and lightest.

The combination of a warm coloured floor, white walls and a cold green ceiling gives the flat a refreshing ambience.



The soft baby pink, the light mossy green and the faded wooden floor all go together very well. With no sight of anything white, each centimetre is used without any apologising or compromising.



The post-modernist chairs, the rhomboid rug and the geometric coffee table with its perched lamp all compliment the texturized wallpaper. Although the room has gained a moodier quality it still welcomes light and makes good use of it.

P.S. The elongated peach heater is a masterpiece.


green interior

The sixties were a sumptuous time for modernism. The advent of fast technological advance, the refinements in mass production all lead to a more mainstream process.



Any man of taste will be able to appreciate the attention to detail, and this flat is of no exception. The warm parquet, the sixties inspired coffee table, the Scandinavian divan and the mural create this handsome light colour palette.

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Relentlessly Experimental, Effortlessly Audacious Interiors
Minimalistic and very audacious interiors to dissolve the illusion of monochromatic minimalism and inspire a more experimental interior design.

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