T.G.I.F. Celebrate Friday With Prints From Virgola


Mission ” work week” has been successfully terminated and now is the time to go wild! Have you by any chance been planning a party of the decade, well more like party of the month (this being the second week). Well rest assure, we have all the decorations you would ever need, I hope.

Celebrate Friday (Every Friday) With Virgola

A very special Lady by the name of Virgola has been one of Creame’s most wanted artists. She creates elegant caricature like artwork, that has that special pinch of shazam and that spice of the bomb.com, with a little bit of that Sex and The City glamour and a tiny bit more of an Italian art punch.

I like the fact that Virgola draws her inspiration from contemporary things/ people, for example this little beut down here (*Click on the image to be redirected to the product):

Carrie, Carrie Bradshaw


If there is anything that literally screams TGIF than that’s the notoriously famous Sex and The City squad. The femme-fatale quadro conquered much of NYC in the early naughties, they were really the epitome of careless, easy going, fairy-tale like, erotisim driven characters that many sought to become in a sense. But anyways, when it came to partying they were the IT girls. So why not celebrate Friday the way they did so gleefully.


Thank God It’s Friday – T.G.I.F. To The Max

Friday is the day of no excuses –  it is one of the two days in the whole week when you can freely stay up all night and sleep until 4 pm the next day without having to face dire consequences. Most importantly Friday is like the flagship of the weekend, a good Friday will give you a boost to enjoy the remainder even more.

Here’s To All The Past, present and Future Fridays!


Katy Perry “Last Friday Night” must be one of the many jammy songs on your “Celebrate Friday” playlist. When the song came out it was the bomb for all pop parties all around the world, and it has ingrained itself as the ultimate T.G.I.F. soundtrack.


Get Ready For The Weekend!

Coffee and some ear muffs will be needed after that wild night out. Take it a bit easier after all that fun and get ready for a detox chill week. Get some fresh air or just have a nice cozy day at your own place.


Morning Vibes X Coffee Aladdin

Create your own chill-out space with the mesmerizing Coffee Aladdin or a more tuned downed Morning Vibe to lead you through the day. Check out more of Creame’s artists and their artwork on our website.

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T.G.I.F. Celebrating Friday With Prints From Virgola
The week has successfully terminated, now let your heart go celebrate Friday. Virgola's uplifting artwork will be the bomb for your TGIF party.

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