Coffee Shop Inspired Decor By Elisabeth Fredriksson


Coffee shops are a place to get your favourite brew and enjoy the quiet hum and buzzing of the urban jungle. They’re a place to relax and contemplate, gliding into a deep state of ponderation or meeting up your besties and catching up on each other’s lives’. Nevertheless, coffee shops have that particular vibe and feeling. It’s not the same as having coffee at home, but you can try to emulate it by getting some coffee shop inspired decor.

Coffee Shop Vibe



Whenever I head to a coffee shop I get these chilling thrills. I adore coffee shops, sometimes I feel like I even spend too much time in them, but they are just so perfect. The people, the fresh and constant aroma of coffee in the air, the window seats where you can sip your cappuccino in silence and just contemplate whatever is on your mind. Coffee shops to me are a place to think. They are a place where I can devote time to myself and forget about all worries.

Some may be wondering why I and so many other people just like myself love coffee shops, well to really understand that one must experience a coffee shop on their own skin. Generally, it’s more about the atmosphere than the coffee, although the coffee is usually a lot better if your not a self-qualified barista, a super coffee enthusiast or have a quality coffee machine at home.

So, Coffee Shop Inspired Decor?


Coffee shop inspired decor is a definitive yes. Why? Because it is along the lines of a very cozy and comforting decor that is easy on the eyes and works well in almost any situation. Let’s get some examples to justify my point:

1# lighting



The lighting in coffee shops is always the best part. I have never seen two coffee shops with the same type/method of lighting. Those who design coffee shops usually find these creative ways of bringing in some warm light into the cafe. And this is the point we should take, to get a room to look more romantic/moody/ cozy we must play with the lighting. Introducing fairy light (string lights) will for sure create aa strong atmosphere, and that is exactly what need to be done.

#2 Wood plated counters/ wood instruments/ wood decor



A lot of coffee shops have the colour palette of white, black elements, gray and the main textures they combine are metallic surfaces (brass/ stainless steel), ceramics, stone, but very prominently wood.

Wood is something that I have seen in almost every coffee shop. Starting from beautiful wood countertops to extra large sanded wood tables that may stretch a few meters in length. Wood is a very versatile material and its incorporation can be very easy, that is why a coffee shop inspired decor flat/room would definitely need some wood elements to bring in nature.

#4 Coffee Shop Decor


Elisabeth Fredriksson x Be You

Coffee shops usually have atmospheric artwork, many of why is built of graphic design and the blend of a few colours, in other words, its art with more of a modern tinge to it. That is why when choosing the appropriate coffee shop inspired decor it is important to choose something which emulates the same style and concepts. Of course, you can easily variate with any part of the decor because it’s the only purpose, in this case, is to make you feel cozy and relaxed.

Coffee Shop Inspired Decor By Elisabeth Fredriksson


She Turned Her Dreams Into Plans x Bee Humble

Sweet as a Peach x Words Cannot Espresso

Elisabeth Fredriksson creates beautiful coffee shop inspired decor pieces that will definitely bring out that aroma or Arabica and get your creative juices flowing.

Her work is a branch of typography, she uses the quirkiness of puns such as “Words cannot espresso how much you bean to me”, where the playfulness of the text just brings about a lighter atmosphere, something very coffee shop like indeed. Her predominant colours are soft pastel tones: faded baby pink, rose and mint green juxtapositioned with rich tones such as gold and white. She creates a playful atmosphere, that would work perfectly with any other funky decor element.

#5 Books Books Books



Nothing screams coffee shop moodiness like some good literature. Gather a collection of books and place them where you can see them because book covers are one of the simplest decor elements you could possibly get. Any and every book cover is a work of art (some on a higher level, some on a lower) but nonetheless they are interesting to look at, and especially to hold in your hands and read while you’re having coffee/tea/water. Books have an atmosphere and atmosphere is what we are searching for, the moodier the better really.

So there you have it, 5 simple coffee shop inspired decor ways you can get the most atmosphere just by modifying/adding specific objects that will add this certain vibe, this coffee shop vibe.

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Coffee Shop Inspired Decor By Elisabeth Fredriksson
Coffee shops are a place to relax and enjoy the quiet hum of urban life. With a cup of your favourite brew flip through this coffee shop inspired decor.

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