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 – Cup that Java in design – 

Since its arrival in Europe in the 17th-century coffee has been the acclaimed drink of the social elite and of the rebellious thinkers. By the end of the 18th-century coffee was the centrepiece of the Enlightenment movement.

Nowadays coffee is a staple drink in many societies and an intrinsic part of most cultures. Many can’t imagine their days without the caffeinated beverage to fuel them up and get them going. Some prefer a strong Americano, some – a light caffè latte and some – a foamy cappuccino, the coffee world now is limitless in the choice of ingredients and the architecture of the beverage. However, the true coffee experience is not just limited to the caffeinated drink. The presentation of coffee is equally important and serves as an eye-candy for those who see art in their daily cup. So let’s now review some of the most stylish and cool coffee mug designs. 


cool coffee mug designs

This marbled ceramic cup pleases not only the eye but also gives a sensuous touch in your hands. With the solid build and appealing design, this would not only make a perfect element to your mug collection, but also an elegant gift to any coffee lover.


cool coffee mug designs

Painted or printed cups have a certain charm to them, they showcase prêt à porter art, that sits in your palm calmly, yet still retains an attractive and personal character when let to stand alone. These mugs are not just easy on the eyes, but also easy to make. DIY or Do It Yourself coffee mugs may be an enthralling experience, not just considering the fact that you have all the creative power to produce a personal and unique mug for that cup of java, but also that it’s pretty simple to make. All you need is a porcelain outliner, a simple cup and some patience, and you’re done!


cool coffee mug designs

Mimicry and Tea Party are two examples of cool coffee mug designs. They are simple, creative and unique. Made by Yulya Shironina they lustre in a light of their own, showcasing an authentic story of fantasy and magic.


cool coffee mug designs

Continuing the theme of printed works, the Harry Potter inspired mugs may be just the thing to make your collection complete. With allusions to the famous fantasy novel the quotes are turned into word play to evoke your imagination from the morning’s slumber. These will also make excellent gifts for any wizard or witch, who already know what the Philosopher’s Stone’s true form is.


cool coffee mug designs

Be quirky and witty even with your morning cup, let your inner genius flow while having a sip. This printed definition cup is a true definition of whimsical mischief one can play on their morning potion, guaranteeing their success for the rest of the day. Truly minimalistic in every way with a tinge of savviness.


For those who love to push boundaries and let others dwell in their bewilderment, these are the perfect cups.

cool coffee mug designs

Although somewhat bizarre and eerie the children’s head mug (as creepy as it sounds) flaunts an air of amazement. Nevertheless, their porcelain skin and eclectic handle show a style that is unseen and striking.

cool coffee mug designs

On the other hand, if you’d rather stick with a more classical design, the seemingly woven porcelain demitasse might just be the cup of tea you’ve been looking for.  Sporting a très mosaic and transparent look, it seems to be lighter than air and more complex than Arabic art.


 Take your warm cup of soothing Arabica and let your day begin or continue with more energy, imagination and motivation. Take a book and peacefully contemplate the big questions of life or just scribble in your notepad, with a cup that personifies you and your perspective of life, there will be no telling where imagination may lead.

Cool coffee mug designs are no longer a rarity, so be who you are, and choose a cup that reflects you, for it’s no longer just a cup, its part of the whole idea of living. Never limit yourself, not even in the minute details of life, so let us at Creame help you find the mug that personifies just and only YOU.

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Cool Coffee Mug Designs that Will Identify Your Style
Say the word Coffee and you have already said enough. Discover the variety of cool coffee mug designs and choose the one that speaks to you the most.

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