Simple Cozy Home Ideas To Get You Inspired


A home is a place where you can come and relax, leave the rest of the world behind the door and feel good being alone or with family/friends. So how to make your flat/ house/ bedroom cozier? Here are a few simple cozy home ideas that will definitely get you in that state of zen.

You definitely don’t have to spend a ton of money to get that special peaceful home vibe. Simple tweaks and adjustments will create a whole new world of chill and relaxation. Bring in some plants, play with colours and mix and match fabrics to really bump up your home experience.

Simple Cozy Home Ideas

#1 Mix In Some Colours


Get funky with colours and experiment! It is very easy to stick with just white on white through all the way. But truthfully it is not as fun as when you use your intuition when dabbling with hues. A very big trend this year is the colour gray, it is said to be the new black and for good reason too. Gray has so many shades and is applicable to so many interiors that it is even surprising how it has been overlooked in the past.Marsala is another big thing in the colour aspect. The rich blood-red hue is seeing a very big comeback in design. It is sensual, sultry and soft.

Marsala is another big thing in the colour aspect. The rich blood-red hue is seeing a very big comeback in design. It is sensual, sultry and soft. Marsala will most definitely give your interior a completely new look and feel.

#2 Mix And Match Fabrics



Mixing and matching fabrics give you the possibility of having the best of all worlds. Imagine cotton, wool, linen, etc. coming together into a beautiful mix of textiles. Every fabric has its own personality and character, matching them in a harmonious way will almost make you want to pet the furniture all day long.

Very recently Creame released the cushions campaign with all you favourite artwork now available also on cushions. And our timing couldn’t have been better, the soft cotton lining pillows will give those spring mornings an additional shine. Melancholy by Yulya Shironina alongside other works is on our special Creame offer, so check it out for some cozy home ideas!

#3 Bring in Some Nature


A cosy home idea that I have been practising for a few years now is – bring in the plants! plants will revive your interior and give it that fresh air (quite literally) of spring or summer. Terrariums are an excellent low-maintenance solution to getting some nature in your home.

Terrariums can range from simple DIY ones (get a glass jar, add some small pebbles for better water drainage, some mineralized Earth and your favourite mosses/ small height trunk greenery) to more complex and elaborate worlds of flowers/ mosses/ shrubs/ rocks etc. The main thing to remember is to have fun with the terrarium.

#4 Get Some Funky Details


To really create a unique home add some funky details like a huge chandelier, a sculpture or falling string lights! It’s not really about what kind of design element you bring into your home, just make it special, make it individual. it can be something DIY, which would make the whole experience more thrilling, or it can be a simple object that you find peculiar in its own way. Just use your imagination.Creame offers a lot of exclusive home decor to get

Creame offers a lot of exclusive home decor like canvases, aluminium and acrylic prints and now also cushions! A lot of personalization can be done with all these products so come and check it out!

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Simple Cozy Home Ideas To Get You Inspired
A home is a place of relaxation, so get some cozy home ideas to inspire you and transform your own flat into a beautiful residence and a place of zen.

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