Creame Summer Art Camp

Creame summer art camp

This is not the regular “sing-a-song by a campfire” kind of a thing. Summer art camp stands for our conviction that taste and personality are the two things worth carrying around regardless of which season has set in or which geographical region one inhabits at a given moment. Your bag (or room, if you like) always has to have that one special element within it – a piece of visual art that speaks volumes about your character. This is the summer art camp, created to help you pick your new lucky charm!

Breaking the Boredom

Summer art camp. Artwork by Leah Flores

Adventure” by Leah Flores

Some of those hot, dry summer days are a real embodiment of the “kicking around a piece of a ground in your hometown” scenario. There’s really not too much to do, besides breathing and longing for the next great summer sensation. The next festival is still far enough while the memories of the previous one are already discussed ad nauseum. However, at this point, anything could happen. Be sure, that what you have would be enough and appropriate for a sudden break of a boredom!

Out for the Coffee Shop

Summer art camp. Artwork by Elisabeth Fredriksson

Words Cannot Espresso” by Elisabeth Fredriksson

The foundation of these places marked a new way of social behavioral patterns. Turns out that half of the crowd consists of legitimate estimatori del caffè while the institutions themselves serve as the new era socializing hubs for the true cosmopolitan characters of the 21-st century. Going out for a meet-up practically means to visit one of these places and doing the thing on a sultry summer day just begs for an ice replete latte. Coffee drink (of any type) is what the heart of a modern, confident human being is filled with, metaphorically and literally speaking. And it shows.

Summer Art Camp Under the Summer Night Sky

Summer art camp. Artwork by Diana Renjina

Summer Nights are Short” by Diana Renjina

There’s no question about the summer as the most appropriate season for staying up the whole night in the middle of a vast, weedy meadow to witness those little shiny dots passing by our planet, leaving wonderful trails to wish upon. The perfume of the surrounding fauna, the late night tea and the constant buzzing of the nearby grasshopper are what makes it  for the most of our romantic hearts. This will serve as your time and space capsule. You can, of course, take a photo, but this is a real visual codification of the sensation. The grass is there for us to dabble our feet in, the fog – warm and full of mystique. It’s the minor part of the summer symphony.

Reckless Adventure. We Need It

Summer art camp. Artwork by Ivan Laliashvili

Village on the Water” by Ivan Laliashvili

The rush initiated by a fast-paced adventure is a much-needed stimulus that reminds us we’re truly alive. Peace, though undeniably a desirable condition, sometimes has to be denied. The plan of action –  a spontaneous ticket to Bangkok, a visual representation of the legend begging to be explored, and the great-grandfather’s compass, showing only the right way out. Why not make your own epic fantasy that your grandchildren will never believe in… that is until they see the place themselves!

Just Fabulous Wherever You Are

Summer art camp. Artwork by Emma Cheng

Summer Day” by Emma Cheng

The long-awaited summer trip with a pre-production value of at least three months may be the apogee of one’s summer experience. Whether out for an inspiring sight-seeing tour or simply trying to make it on time when the favorite band conquers the stage of another gathering for music lovers, the summer trip is essentially a trip of self-discovery. Indian war bonnets, purplish smoke bombs, ripped jeans, and the Lennon-esque shades are just as much an equipment as the toothbrush and the towel. They mean things, they mean you!

Okay, by now the symbolic meaning of the word combo “summer art camp” should be pretty apparent. We’re not going to gather people in a yellow bus to head out for the nearest pine forest. We’re not going to have a weird anthem to begin our mornings with. To be in the Creame’s summer art camp is to keep on going and propagating art and creative lifestyle whenever and wherever you found yourself during those sweet three months!

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Creame Summer Art Camp
This is not the regular “sing-a-song by a campfire” kind of a thing. This is the summer art camp, created to help you pick your lucky charm!

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