Cupid Fever! Best Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Forget about its somewhat cliche status! There can never be enough of heart-shaped balloons, rose petals on your way to the bedroom, or Leonardo with Kate, arms wide, slicing the wind at the fore of the Titanic.

And, of course, Celine blasting out her anthem we love to hate and, let’s face it, hate to secretly love. In this frenzy of sometimes obvious banality, there’s still a hope for something original, chic and appealing! Check out, and grasp what you can to create some of the best gifts for Valentine’s Day!

Quotes of Love

Best gifts for Valentine's Day. Romantic Notebook.

The lovely, ethereal artwork is called “Butterflies“. Made by Alina Grinpauka

By that, we don’t want to encourage you to write overly serious and Coelho-esque insights about your idea of the ideal love story. Instead, write funny and intentionally naive quotes, ones that come from the heart and are packed in little, scrappy-looking book, made by the master that is yourself. You can actually create a lovely table of content, that indicates the thematic directions! Make sure that the book is compact (pocket size) so that your other half could pull it out whenever feeling alone in foreign lands! Remember – true love shines brightly through those little acts of subtle humor! The secret behind some of the best gifts for Valentine’s Day is the combination of a comic relief and romance!

The Mug of Love has Coffee In It

Best gifts for Valentine's Day. Romantic Mug.

The mug magic above is called “Pink Butterflies” by Virgola

Or a tea, if you prefer. Anyway, mug, though not as original as a gift in itself, can still be a surprisingly sincere addition to your Valentine’s day gift set. In fact, there’s this so-called “magic mug” (you’re, most likely, already familiar with it). It’s a mug that reacts to warm beverage poured into it, gradually unveiling a beautiful picture! This is a wonderful  opportunity to pick a mug with a super cute text message! Something that is uncovered progressively, so you could build the text from a lot of significant adjectives that lead to the great romantic conclusion! Let’s say – “Love blossoms when it’s warm”. Other than that, you can simply pick an original mug, that has a creative take on the whole romantic theme!

“Balloonic” Presentation

Best gifts for Valentine's Day. Balloon Gift.

The artwork in the background – “Delpozo” by Alina Grinpauka

In most cases, the best gifts for Valentine’s Day are those that a represented in an original manner. There are so many original ways to incorporate balloons into your gift presentation! Taking into account their capacity to lift and hold light-weight objects in the mid-air, you can actually make a little game out of this! You will need a bit of helium, though. Find a tree to stand under, tie your gift to a huge, heart-shaped balloon, and let the balloon have a moment of freewheeling! When the “zeppelin of love” has finally stuck into the branches, invite your loved one to shoot it down with a funny, cupid-like bow replica! In the case of a miss, make up a rule that demands him/her to kiss you or tell something awkward about themselves, something that you might not even know yet!

Cookie Crumbling

Best gifts for Valentine's Day. Homemade fortune cookies.

Yeah, we’re aiming for homemade fortune cookies here, packed and served in a tasteful DIY wrapping! Avoid the somewhat synthetic attack of red hearts and rather creepy-looking cupids! Instead, use unconventional coloring schemes and designs, for example, a piece of cardboard and some black text labels! Don’t forget about the comic value and use funny, official looking pictograms and fonts! Regarding the cookies, be creative with what you put inside of them. Here, the text also should be withheld in a more humorous tone, expressing apology for the respective cookie, or encouraging eat more to find the one with a mini treasure map inside! This map could be printed on the smallest scale available, thus demanding a magnifier to be viewed! Encourage your significant other to find one, so that he/she would be able to find the rest of the gift!

Best gifts for Valentine's Day. Homemade wrapping and phone cases.

You could actually pack in one of these cute-looking phone cases! They really go together with rest of the aesthetics and don’t depict anything terribly cliche! Chubby birds (“Dada” by Julija Podskocija) and Cats doing the “Titanic move” (“Cat Titanic” by Julija Podskocija) will always be in demand! Both phone cases are available in special offers section!

Wall Art That Says Things 

Best gifts for Valentine's Day. Romantic and personal wall art.

We can almost hear the accordion. It’s “Tulipano” by Virgola

Valentine’s Day quintessentially is about both lovers involved. To approve the special nature of your relationships on a daily basis, a nice gift item would be a romantic wall art piece, that highlights what you love about your other half and your love life as a whole!  It might as well be a scene of your latest trip to the  Paris! Overall, what you pick is completely up to your preferences, but a gift like this could have a positive long-term impact! Of course, the chosen piece of art print might as well adorn her new favorite phone case, other than that, focus on art prints that, in a sense, perpetuates your relationships as a sort of a fairy-tale like experience! Best gifts for Valentine’s Day are the ones that mean a lot for both!

If any of this wasn’t quite your cup of tea, try to look at what you see as a pathway to other Valentine’s Day gift solutions! Don’t be afraid to experiment as even failed attempts are cute and shows your affection more than something that you might randomly pick from a supermarket shelf! Wishing the best of Valentine’s! To ignite your imagination, check out our special offers section, full of Valentine’s Day gift solutions!

Remember – To Live is to Love!


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Cupid Fever! Best Gifts for Valentine's Day
Among all the heart-shaped balloons, champagnes, rose petals on the way to the bedroom, these might be the best gifts for Valentine's Day!

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