Cushion Call! Pictures on Pillows

Cushio Call! Pictures on pillows.

This is Happening! The long awaited production of our dear pillow pals has finally rolled in to stock up the already rich vaults of Creame. From now on, pictures on pillows will change your perspective even on a default 20-minute slumber! All the fancy, funny, exciting and meaningful visual treats we have described in our articles thus far can now become an additional reason for you to have a well-deserved rest. You got it right, any of the artworks available in our store can become your new cushion cover! Let’s take a look at some possible variations!

Go for it, Babe (whether you’re a guy or a girl)!

Cushio Call! Pictures on pillows. Artwork by Jose Bernabe.

Quotes for My Son Raul – 1” by José Bernabé

José Bernabé is the master motivator. Undeniably, we’ve heard these slogans and phrases gazillions of times before, but what can you do about it and whether there should be anything done about it at all? The wheel cannot be invented twice, so Jose, being the smart and awesome dad he is, simply takes the classic truth and gives it a contemporary twist by recreating these lines with his “50-shades-of-cool-coloring” method. These are quotes for his son Raul and something that’s worth seeing as your first visual after the restart point of the afternoon rest. Go for it, Babe (whether you’re a guy or a girl)!

Dream that treasured dream

ushion Call! Pictures on pillows. Artwork by Annisa Tiara Utami.

Floating” by Annisa Tiara Utami

Artworks by Annisa Tiara Utami have always had that special dreamy quality that any kid or a kid in a shell of an adult would appreciate. “Floating” might even mark an unwelcome track of a tear. You might wonder why? Well, because this is not the regular kind of a dream we experience during our sleep. This is the kind of a dream that hangs on with us till a certain age when finally get too cynical and abandon it to drift away just like the balloons in the Annisa’s imagery. A sad, but 100% avoidable process. Hold on to your balloon, and let this throw pillow remind you about it on a daily basis!

Virgola’s Morning Set

Cushion Call! Pictures on pillows. Artwork by Virgola.

 Morning Vibes” and “Good Morning” by Virgola

Another artiste whose works are practically ready-made for a quality rest on appealing pillows. Subtle, minimalistic lines, stories full of wittiness, a reference or two and, of course, the engaging use of practical objects, incorporated in her sceneries in the most creative manner possible. There’s not much left to desire. These are pictures on pillows that defy the concept of “age group” for they bear an irresistible charm, understood and appreciated by both crawling toddlers and the utmost experienced elders. An image series that might as well work fine as a highly-stylized animation show! Okay, getting back to the earth, they, at least, could become your new throw pillows for the couch. The best thing to have in the lap while sipping a delicious beverage from a delicious-looking mug!

The Guardian of the Night. Or Your Couch

Cushion Call! Pictures on pillows. Artwork by Yulya Shironina1.

Wild symmetry #3” by Yulya Shironina

Pictures on pillows can get pretty serious and appear to be something born out of a dinner conversation between Wilhelm and Jacob Grimms. Fine with us, for an imagery like this will only stir up this otherwise pretty light-hearted selection. “Wild Symmetry #3” by Yulya Shironina is dark fairy tale fantasy, the perfect cushion cover for the night of thunderstorms and ghost stories. When the lighting strikes, be careful not to squeeze out the polyester filling! Other than that, it has a very reverent and centric appearance, which makes this particular artwork somewhat empowering and magical. As if you’d put this in a centre of a circle and recite an according verse, an owl deity of some kind would pop out from the centre of your decorative throw pillow.  

Ending on a Sublime Note
Cushion Call! Pictures on pillows. the-eternal-movement-cushion.

Eternal Movement” by Francesco Jacobello

Towards the end of our selection for pictures on pillows, we’ve managed to make a sharp leap for a more melancholic approach. “Eternal Movement” by Francesco Jacobello reminds as that sleep is, after all, a cyclic occurrence. We wake up to find ourselves one day older every morning. However, we’re also a day wiser than before. Sleep is just like a 12 mark on a clock, from which the journey starts all over again. We’re all in a movement from which there’s no escape so it is important to engage ourselves with some quality activities. Sleeping is one of those activities. Artistic cushion print with a portrait of another ethereal being is the missing ingredient from your Sunday afternoon bed loll.

So, what we get from this is that an appropriate cushion cover might turn out to be the imperative nuance for a sweet and creative dreaming.  The cushion is good for you!

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Cushion Call! Pictures on Pillows
This is Happening! The long awaited production of our dear pillow pals has finally rolled in into the vaults of Creame. Pictures on pillows for the brave and creative!

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