Decorating For the Christmas Ambiance

Christmas home decoration

There can never be a one definitive solution for creating that special, cozy and exciting atmosphere of the winter solstice. Sometimes it comes in with waves without anyone actually trying to enhance it, sometimes it hides although the place is decorated to look like the Santa’s palace.  

Christmas is something that’s more in the air than anywhere else, but that does not mean that we shouldn’t supply you with some tips on how to pick up the right canvas print, photo cushion or personalized calendar to decorate your spot for a tasteful and peaceful Christmas Eve.

Christmas-themed Canvas Photo

There is no need for an over-the-top Christmas setting in your hallway, resembling that of a Lampoon’s Christmas vacation. Multi-colored Christmas lights or an overload of wreaths do not guarantee the necessary Christmassy sensation. On the contrary, it can, in many ways, absolutely kill off what you have yearned for and appear as rather oppressive! In the end, it is all about the right decor in the right place, so a simple, but tastefully located and presented Christmas-themed photo canvas can do a lot with a very little!

A Gallery of Christmas Tree

The canvas photo could present a scene with a brightly burning fireplace, so vivid, that you can almost hear the sparkles jumping just by looking at it! Or a completely different and more minimalist approach with a stylistic portrait of the Christmas tree, that’s a tasteful example of neither too much nor too little!  Placed approximately in the center of a particular wall, it would be a minimalist element, that’s non-intrusive and leaves enough space for your considerations. Another approach is to make a series of minimalist canvas prints-Christmas episodes, situated in a straight line on your wall. It could consist of the same Christmas tree motive in three different stylistic variations! These series of canvas photo prints can adorn an empty space above the fireplace or simply every wall that seems to have a chronic void on it. All of it, though, has to be well-balanced  and remain minimalist to obtain the preferred effect.

Christmas tree wall artVirgola58_canvasChristmas tree wall art

The Classic Winter Story as a Wall Art

Staying true to the roots of the winter solstice is not a bad thing at all. After all, this is how we imagined the perfect Christmas as little kids, with all of those distant, snow-covered villages, radiating warmth and coziness from their candle-lit interiors. A place for deer to rest and for Saint Nick to refresh with some warm milk and gingerbread cookies! So, the scheme basically remains the same. Whether you choose acrylic, canvas or the aluminum print solution, the number of wall art still has to remain as small as possible. These magical scenes can be assembled in a gallery like organization, decorating the already mentioned hallway or the wall by the boring trail to the second floor.

Classic winter story wall artClassic winter story wall artClassic winter story wall art

Does the Matter Matters?

The Christmas tale of your choice can be made into glossy acrylic prints, that will give a very special radiative quality with Christmas lights ricocheting from their surface or if you prefer – aluminum prints with a more robust structure and a sense of depth, that makes the winter scene to come alive! Another solution would be to print the tale on a forex foundation, that would serve as a great middle ground regarding the reasonable quality and wallet-friendly price. No quality sacrifices here, the story would still be told in the greatest detail! A beautiful addition could be a frame that highlights the importance and turns the series into a gallery-like experience! Regardless of the material foundation, pictures like these have that very special something, so panels, assembled in a sweet little Christmas tale, told onto your wall, will still amaze everybody’s Christmas-hungry hearts!

The Christmas Photo Calendar Solution

A creative Christmas calendar

During the Christmas season calendar usually becomes the hot point of attention. Children as well as adults (let’s be honest) gather around it, getting more excited with each passing day that leads to the great conclusion of a very special period. Instead of filling it with pieces of chocolate and adorning it with some random Christmas imagery, you can actually turn your personalized calendar into a tasteful example of Christmas decoration!

Serving as a practical object that helps us to organize time, photo calendar could also be a sweet personalized piece of decoration, showing off the above-mentioned examples or the pictures made during your last Christmas celebration! A photo calendar on your wall doesn’t have to be too overblown or full of “Disneyish” characters. The same minimalist element should be apparent for the best effect! Christmas calendar is also a great palette for experimentation with visuals that represent significant dates!

Christmas calendar decorationChristmas half-door calendar decoration

Personalized Pillows all Around Your Christmas Palace!

These little thingies are an enormous part of your interior design! And this is the right time to get them in all kinds of non-intrusive colors, with the exception of a mild red together with a snowy white. As with all decorative elements on this list, the minimalist approach should be apparent. We are not trying to influence your taste, but trust us, a mess of colors gives an impression of an overall mess! Your photo cushion can be adorned with a symbolic motif of a deer (again, one that’s as far as possible from the Disney tradition) or a simplistic portrayal of a zoomed-in snowflake!

snowflake motivesnowflake motive

All things made according to the “less is more” technique, will provide incredible results! Locate these little design elements in a deliberate, little chaos that looks unintentional, but tasteful – some on the floor, most on the coach, some might even find their place on stairs or on the ledge over the fireplace. People will desperately try to grab, or sit on one of these sources of coziness! It’s a design element that requires attention and a one that infuses Christmas ambiance without being blatant! Don’t forget about matching colors, though!

Setting the Ambiance Without Being Overblown

Dreaming of a White Christmas

There are practically endless possibilities to decorate your living space for the most wonderful time of the year! Only naturally, some are better than others, but all is great as long as the heart gets invested! Purely from the design point of view, we suggest being down to earth and to avoid the excess of a flashy Christmas lightning show in favor of a tasteful and delicate canvas printing solutions, cute Christmas-themed cushions and all the other little novelty acts. Our tiny guide can still appear subjective and functions only to ignite imaginations for those who are looking for a specific, minimalist-influenced Christmas setting that’s not pretentious, but simply – subtle. After all, this is the silent period of the year and miracles are best anticipated with a cute mug in hand, good book before eyes, being surrounded by a couple of soft, Christmassy cushions and beautiful Christmas scenes as your wall art! Have the whitest and merriest of Christmas!


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Decorating For the Christmas Ambiance
Decorate your interior for that special, cozy and exciting Christmas atmosphere! For a tasteful and peaceful Christmas Eve.

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