Design Motives For Summer You Do Not Want To Miss


Creame works hard to provide art that is contemporary and personal, art that suits everyone from all walks of life. To celebrate the upcoming months of sunny days and picnics in the park we give to you our newest artworks from Virgola and Emma Cheng. These design motives for summer will highlight the warm and cozy nights, and give you a breath of fresh air.

Design Motives For Summer

Summer is all about those design motives for summer. Light, creamy colours for those wonderful dinners in the garden, bright, saturated colours for those week long festivals and lush design to last you the whole of summer. Let’s bring in some colour and perspective with Creame’s newest additions Emma Cheng and Virgola.


Virgola is one fo the most celebrated artists in Italy and also here at Creame. She creates wonderful art pieces with a minimalistic yet intricate touch. Virgola’s products will beautifully embellish anything from iPhone cases to pillows that are lining up your bedside.


Virgola combines the fluidity of black lines together with realistic objects such as flowers and leaves, creating pieces that concetrate on one main idea. Whether it’s a simple bike ride or a passionate kiss Virgola knows how to bring out all the warmth and make people feel good with her art. Virgola’s design motives for summer will provide you with artwork that is contemporary, yet heart warming.

pregnancy -2

Pregnancy 2

Virgola is really hot right now on Creame check out all those new design motives for summer – only half price! There’ll be surely something you love.

Emma Cheng

Not so long ago we wrote exclusively about our new artists Emma Cheng and her wonderful work, check it out if you are interested in a more detailed description of the artist’s work ethic and creativity. However, in short – Emma Cheng produces light yet saturated, soft yet very precise super-realistic pieces of art.


4 Beauties: Flying Goose

All of these featured artworks are on our special offers list here at Creame with many many more. Take a look at Virgola’s and Emma Cheng’s design motives for summer that will make your heart quiver with love.


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Design Motives For Summer You Do Not Want To Miss
Summer is just around the corner, so take a look at these awesome new design motives for summer that Creame's artists have created just for you.

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