Design Trends for the Year of the Monkey 2016

Most of us will agree that the year 2015 hurried away leaving us with almost no time to comprehend what just had happened. For the most part, it was fun or at least – it was another valuable lesson on what to avoid and what to embrace during  the next year.

And this lesson will be taken into account while we shall try to do a little preview on the incoming design trends for the year of the monkey 2016! Miss no chance because Monkey blesses our 366-day ride only once every twelve years!

Though Monkey 2016 is Made of Fire, the Metal will Trend

The metallic element changes it all

That’s right, the monkey, in fact, was once a metal one (according to the traditional Chinese elemental signs for those born in the year of the monkey), but that was in the year of 1980. In 2016, the elemental sign of the Monkey will be fire. However, the metal will rise again as all things metallic will be one of the main design trends of the year 2016! In large part due to material’s ability to give any surroundings that sense of sophistication, expensive taste, and glamor. The most popular metals from the Mendeleejev’s table can come in use even as subtle details of gold, silver and copper and will only do good for your interior design.

Keep it Neutral

And that doesn’t mean that the upper paragraph automatically becomes invalid. It really does not. Actually, neutral tones combined with a hint of the aforementioned materials can become a real pleasure for the eyes. It seems that the spring of 2016 will be defined by neutral tones, so keep in mind these simple color solutions:

  • shades of gray
  • the deep of the teal

Which you can subtly dilute with some colorful elements of:

  • yellow
  • orange
  • green

The gray palette applies mainly to the furnishings while the three tones below are recommended to be the hues of your interior decorations.

Neutral with a yellow nuance

Nature-Inspired Prints will Come in Rule

Nature-inspired wall decorA trend that hid somewhere for a moment and have now arisen to be appreciated once again! The natural scriptures found in the wilderness, as well as the at-the-moment popular animal motifs, will hold a stable position in the realm of interior design, but with the strong rule of “less is more” in action! Patterns shouldn’t be too heavy and to keep them in tune with contemporary tendencies, they should not be in their natural colors!

Recycling and Saving all the Way

Improvised shoe holderOne of the most obvious trends of 2016 will be the co-operation with the mother Earth. By that we are trying to say, that everything that looks good, but is primarily eco-friendly will be held in a high regard. Recycling old furnishings or improvising with otherwise throw-away materials (or anything else for that matter) to get a completely new design element will become a big thing (though, one might argue that it already is)! In accordance with the ever-popular indie tendencies, agrestic and relaxing chic will become a part of every trendy living space! Every furniture that’s made with an ergonomic thought in mind is the furniture of 2016 or the monkey’s favorite if you like. A furniture like that should be geometrically simple, adorned with straight lines.

Also, About the Patterns…

Without nature-inspired ornamentation and big animal faces on our jumpers, t-shirts, and bed sheets, another thing that will be appreciated greatly will be simple geometrical patterns on all of the aforementioned objects. Regarding the interior design, geometrical patterns can be used simply to scare away the possible boredom of the room. They go together surprisingly well with almost every type of design aesthetics and, therefore, have been a fan favorite since 1970’s!

  • For a more modern approach pick a fancy furniture that is made entirely as a geometrical pattern (a zig-zag-like shelving in black or red coloring, for example)
  • Tribal-inspired geometrical patternIf you still prefer conventional and functional furnishings, choose to expose geometry on your walls and textiles! A nice and totally 2016-kind-of-a-way to do that would be to pick a chalkboard wall facing so that you could draw your geometrical patterns by yourself! The result might come off as a tribe-inspired pattern which actually is another ongoing design trend that will still be actual in the year of the monkey 2016!

Monkey Blues

Okay, in this case, don’t look for any connection to the good old music genre or a case of a sad animal. The fact is that the dominant interior color of 2016 will be blue in its boldest incarnations of navy, royal, and cobalt! However, this does not mean that you should turn your room into a solid, blue mass of walls and furnishings without any color variation. To stay contemporary simply put a blue accent here and there. The intensity is in your hands.

Blue is the rule

Color Guide for Spring 2016

  • Bold yellow with purplish red for an exciting, 19th century-inspired bedroom
  • Flamy red or neutral brown in your cookhouse (kitchen)
  • Striking light green for the hallways of the brave ones
  • Purple nuances in an otherwise gray surroundings or a completely soft blue interior with horizontal and vertical line patterns for your living room. Or simply some light blue fragment on a wall for those who don’t want to risk, but are keen to create at least some aesthetic intrigue
  • Peach colored bedroom decor, sheets, pillows, nightstands etc. Add some very light brown and the seaside ambiance will be set in the nicest possible way

Keywords for Furnishings

We’ll keep it short and concrete here. Keep this phrases in mind when thinking about buying or creating your furnishings for 2016:

  • Multifunctionality and anti-tradition
  • Eco-friendly and recycled
  • Exotic, African-inspired
  • Practicality and natural materials like wood and stone
  • Bright, exciting colors on juxtaposing angles
  • Ergonomic, lightweight furnishings with simple geometry and even simpler ornamentation

The Champagne’s Ready

Gorgeous 2016!

Okay, we are more than sure that the excitement about the incoming New Year’s Eve is big enough to make everyone put rational decision making about interior design solutions in the second plan. But, when you’re done with festivities, when the wishes have been made and you feel confident about making 2016 the best year thus far, feel free to come back and draw some inspirations or simply to take a look at our wall art collection (or mugs for that matter). After all, we often initiate change within ourselves by changing our surroundings! Meanwhile, we wish the greatest New Year’s Eve ever! And the same greatness for the following 366 days! And no monkey business!

Happy New Year and the most delicious champagne!


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Design Trends for the Year of the Monkey 2016
A little preview on the design ideas that will most likely become trends in 2016, the year of the fire Monkey! Colors, decors, keywords.

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