Designer Colours That Will Do Right For Every Occasion


The world of colour palettes changes every year and every season. To stay fresh and contemporary it is important to know what is “hip” right now, but above that, it is more important to understand which colours resonate with you the most. So let’s have a look at designer colours.😜

Designers in 2016 have created a colour palette that is in every way as tranquil as exciting. The Spring influenced hues are gentle, uplifting and very eye catching. With a noticeable fade effect to them, they seem subtle but highly sophisticated and will most definitely do good by you for any occasion.

Pastels – The New Designer Colours

The pastel colours are soothing and soft. They derive their name from the art medium of pastels (pure pigmented sticks) and refer to the colours obtained from them – soft, mild and neutral. The most well-known pastel hues are baby blue, mauve and pink. All pastel hues lack saturation, they are considered medium to low saturated but have a high colour value (lightness).

But why are pastel tones considered designer colours? And what are designer colours?

Designer colours are basically colours that designers use when creating a specific design medium. designers have to be sure that all of the involved colours do not annihilate each other and they all work harmoniously together, giving off a certain pre-determined mood.


Pastel tones are considered “A class” designer colours because they do not “pop”, by this I mean, pastel tones are easy on the eyes. 👀 Painting a room candy red seems like a harmless idea, but truthfully it will give you a headache in 10min. It is scientifically tested that certain colours have certain effects on our body. For example, light blue has a very calming effect. On the other hand, a strongly saturated red will make you aggressive and irritated – and that is something you do not want to be feeling in your living room.


As I said, pastels are easy on the eyes, so it is only natural that we would like something calming to come back to after a day of hard work. Pastels have long been used and will be used by interior designers for the purpose of decoration, and with the trend catching up quickly with other mediums too (e.g. technology) it is hard to doubt the importance of the low-saturated hues.

Pastel tones have long been considered as very soft and relaxing colours. The absence of a strong chromatic content in them do not make them “pop” as other colours such as International Klein Blue, but they mingle in the backdrop and give the overall mood of a room/ apparel/ accessory. Hence, these designer colours are abundantly used in painting rooms, especially a kid’s rooms, in clothing (lilac grey coat) and in technology (the iPhone 6 and SE both have a beautiful Rose Quartz finish).

A wonderful artist by the name of Annisa Tiara Utami creates beautiful pastel tone artworks, such as “Happiness“. They are both vibrant and uplifting with a very joyous undertone – perfect for adding colour to any interior, especially and kid’s room.


Happiness by Annisa Tiara Utami

🌷 Rose Quartz & Serenity 🌷

Pantone colours of 2016

Rose quartz and Serenity have been dubbed as the colours of 2016 and for good reason too! This colour combination is truly worth the name “designer colours“. They work together excellently, creating a mindful and a very easing aura. Rose Quartz has actually been ultra popularised by Apple and its iPhone collection of Rose Quartz aluminium finish.

The name of Rose Quartz is actually derived from the rose quartz crystal, that has been associated with a calming and sedating effect. Serenity is a derivative of the baby-blue hue that many already loved for its charming qualities. Armani made Rose Quartz and Serenity big during its 2016 Spring/Summer catwalk in Paris.👇

You might have noticed that the colour authority – Pantone, that dictates the serial numbers for all colours available, has for the first time ever dubbed two colours as colours of the year. The reason why they released two colours is quite obvious – if Rose Quartz went alone then it would be too sweet for men, Serenity, on the other hand, provides that tinge of freshness and masculinity – the combination of them is truly wonderful and eye pleasing.


Romantic Cats by Julija Podskocija

Romantic Cats is a true embodiment of the Rose Quartz and Serenity mix. The beautiful hues lovingly embrace themselves and create a romantic/relaxing mood.


Julie by Sofia Bonati

Creame provides a variety of artists to choose from. And the new 2016 collection of artwork really shines bright! We love our pastel tones, and with so many creative artists decorating our canvases, phone cases and pillows with spirited and lively art it is hard to hold back on all this genius.

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Designer Colours That Will Do Right For Every Occasion
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