Designer Pillows For Sofa 2016

Throw pillows on sofa

Hey, did you know that artisan goods are getting more popular as the buyers are consciously driven towards purchases that support small businesses? Well, Creame are one of those, who try to support such creative and inspiring people!
Having pillows in your house is always a great idea! Why? Because:

  • They create comfort in your room;
  • Complement your interior design;
  • They are incredibly versatile;
  • Pillow fights with friends guaranteed;

In 2016 luxury will be redefined with the items that tell a story of authenticity and timelessness without being ostentatious. Harmonious colors that combine well together and produce a set of attractive balanced and serene colors. Here are some tips and the must-haves of designers pillows for sofa, which we would recommend you for 2016!Designer pillows for sofa


Florals will fit great in a romantic or classic atmosphere. Now it becomes quite trendy to have floral prints in vintage colors such as green sea, amethyst, rose-red, mustard, etc. Try to choose the colors that are already used in your interior design and balance strong prints with the neutral surfaces.

Illustration by Anastasia by Sofia Bonati

Tip: The stronger color should be reserved for the pillows.

Geometry/PatternDesign pillows for sofa

Pillows with the colorful patterns contrast well with bold ones.  It will serve as “a signature” of the whole interior and concept, that is why, cushions should not only be with the “Unique” prints, but also matched with your interior design and color combinations.

Closer to nature

Let the hippies save the world! This is one healthy trend about which Creame is happy about! People have started to reduce meat consumption and go vegan, Leonardo Di’ Caprio’s well prepared speech about Global Climate Changes when winning the Oscar (at last!) and the use “Organic Glamour” objects such as artisanal objects and botanical themes. Creame follows trends and offers to their clients many colorful, “green” and bohemian style illustrations on cushions, that will match well with a forest color palette and natural materials such as wood and stone.

Designer pillows for sofa

Cushion with lion by Mayka Can2ienova – Do You Roar?

“Bringing nature into your home will be a strong trend in 2016 – from the use of plants and living walls to horticulture inspired fabrics and wallpapers. Another major trend will be combining natural materials such as wood, stone, cork, metals (in particular brass and copper). Combinations will vary from classic ones such as wood and marble to more unconventional ones such as raw concrete and gold. design-pillows-for-sofa The simplicity of form will be key in the way each material will be mixed together,” comments the interior designer Anna van Dongen.

Bohemian cushion by Sofia Bonati – Hydra

Choosing pillows for your interior design is not as easy task as you might think. It is also a necessary element that should fulfill your room with contrasts and  can transform an entire room’s decor, as well as deliver a bold color statement.

Discover together with Creame ways to bring a pop of color into your home with beautiful, bright throw cushions!





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Designer Pillows For Sofa 2016
Here are some tips and the must-haves of designers pillows for sofa, which Creame would recommend you for 2016!

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