Easter Egg Fun is Incoming!

Easter Egg Fun is Incoming.

Not only March signals the incoming of the Spring, it also, as you presumably know it, bears a huge historical significance. Despite the fact that these days we have successfully downgraded the whole Easter procession to a simple Easter egg fun (well, it’s not that bad actually), the particular date is still an important turning point season-wise and for those of a more sacral approach to life. Pasch, Ressurection day, call it as you like, it’s still a day which demands a highly visual approach, regarding the dyeing of eggs and the decorating your house for the right kind of an Easter ambiance. We hope to contribute with our little input!

Bunny Call!

Easter Egg Fun is Incoming! Phone case artwork by Purple Ling.

Phone case design – “Youth” by Purple Ling

This character somehow has been associated with the whole Easter epopee more than everything else, up to the point when little children actually believe the bunny to be the biological origin of every egg they find in their backyard. Also, it’s obvious, that it’s been ridiculously commercialized, transforming the Easter bunny figure in some sort of a Justice Leauge member (others being Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy). However, the Easter Bunny originally came from the German Lutheran circles, who came up with the concept of “Easter Hare”. Initially, it functioned just like an anthropomorphic spring version of Santa Clauss, evaluating the behaviors of children prior the start of the Eastertide. Today, however, the Easter bunny is a rather cute-looking cultural icon everybody wants to cuddle with. Also, it’s a great source of inspiration for contemporary visual artists, as you can see above. An explosive phone case design for those who want to add a bit of pop to the whole Easter egg fun thing! 

Peck on the Egg

Easter Egg Fun is Incoming! Mug artwork by Virgola.

Mug design – “Pasqua 2015” by Virgola

Where there’s Easter, there’s got to be a whole lot of Easter eggs! The little, rounded fellas are decorated with all kinds of stuff, dyed in colors that defy our idea of the color spectrum and, in some parts of the globe (mostly Europe), are subjected to a brutal game of egg-tapping, afterward. When the vibrant shell of your beauty gets cracked, the winner takes it all. Frankly speaking, he or she eats your egg. In other corners of the world, egg fighting tournaments are avoided and a more subtle approach is preferred. This is where the so-called “egg hunting” is practiced. Eggs are scattered around a certain territory and from that on, the retrieving of them is in the hands of a bunch of enthusiastic kids. From the historical point of view, eggs, however, have a deep symbolic meaning. Bludgeon yielding pagans viewed them a symbol of rebirth and fertility. Christians view the egg as the symbol of the empty tomb of the Jesus. It’s a fascinating perspective and one might wonder how such a simple thing can hold such a significance. Meanwhile, we are happy that besides its basic function as a food ration, it is also being exploited as an original design element! This time by the ever-creative Virgola.

It is a Turning Point

Easter Egg Fun is Incoming! Wall art by Diana Renjina.

Artwork – “Sunset” by Diana Renjina

Yeah, well, as you can see by now, the sun likes to linger on for a couple of minutes longer than it used to about two months prior. That’s fine with  us, as the ever-increasing spring vibe only sets warmth within our hearts. The aforementioned Eastertide could very well be interpreted as the spring itself for the fact that it lasts precisely 50 days, almost completely covering both April and May. It’s the period that begins on the Easter Sunday and, according to the Christian traditions, is celebrated as one huge feast. Every Sunday of this period is treated like an ever-continuing Easter celebration while the period culminates with the Sunday of all Sundays, namely – Pentecost Sunday! Abstracting from its historical and religious connotations, this period is obviously also about the awakening of nature. The mother’s waking up to dispel everything that’s cold and wet, igniting life in the tiniest piece of grass and setting that little nearby brook on the go, letting us enjoy the calming sound of its flow! There’s no better scene we could think of at the moment.

Off-the-Wall Sicily

Easter Egg Fun is Incoming! Wall art by Giullio Rossi.

Artwork – “Apocalypse” by Giulio Rossi

To shake up our thus far pretty tame list of common Easter customs and iconography, we had to bring up something that’s a bit “out there”. So we had to bring up Sicily. In Sicily, locals wear  homemade devil masks and all kinds of other gear to represent the Beezelbub (the devil) in the most colorful way possible. It’s called “The Abballu de daivuli” and it basically allows the ones who are dressed to pester as many souls as they prefer. In reality, it means making innocent people pay for their drinks. With the afternoon setting in, these shameless beggars have to disappear for the Virgin Mary and the risen Christ have arrived to turn the tide with an army of angels! If you’d like to have an Easter egg fun the Sicily-way, maybe you should consider getting a succubus  like this! 

Spain Gets Macabre!

Easter Egg Fun is Incoming! Phone case artwork by Ali Gulec.

Phone case design -“Jungle Skull” by Ali Gulec

Easter is generally associated with a kind of a light-spirited and, all in all, happy event, so it might come off as a surprise that a lot of macabre stuff is going on in some parts of the globe during this period. The country which excels at this the most is definitely Spain. The way they spent the Holy Thursday is by dressing up as skeletons to parade through the streets and scare away any Easter happiness you’ve dared to express. Okay, to be more precise, that kind of a thing is only happening in the Spanish Medieval town of Verges and it is called “dansa de la mort” which literally translates to “death dance”. The dance fever starts at about midnight and goes on for at least three hours. With their idea of the Easter egg fun, Spaniards are definitely off the Easter customs mainstream!

As we already mentioned, and as the examples above approve, Easter really is a highly visual celebration and has been such for ages, therefore, a fitting wall art decoration behind a basket of colorful eggs could only make the scene more appealing. Creame wishes you the best and the most spiritually enlightened Easter egg fun thus far!

May the best egg is to be found in your basket!

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Easter Egg Fun is Incoming!
Easter egg fun is incoming! Creame is here with some examples and exciting historical trivia to celebrate the advent of the Easter 2016!

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