Fall 2016. Autumn Colors in Art.


Fall is a divisive season. For the most, it marks the end of a sleazy beachside fun that will be replaced with a blank surface of a school desk, dark and seemingly hopeless mornings and some rather oppressive dripping outside. Not too encouraging of a prospect at all. Howeverthere are many pros to it. Embracing coziness, taming down and indulging in some retrospective contemplation whilst strolling amongst the falling leaves to name a few. This is about the autumn colors in art and what exactly is so great about them.

The Warmth Outside Goes Inside

Fall 2016. Autumn colors in art. Leah Flores


Fall is that magical period of the year, which sees the exploitation of rustic interiors, tangled nodes of string lights and experimentation with fireplace designs like no other. People are getting comfy in their oversized woolen cardigans, sipping out their tea collections whilst locking onto a moody piece by James Blake. So, what the mood of fall 2016 will be all about? The same ol’ combo that’s been going on for the past few years – timelessness and authenticity. What it will definitely not gonna be about – ostentation and superficiality. So off we’re going with a piece by Leah Flores. A timeless scenery served in an authentic manner. The darkness we must crave, a piece that feeds the imagination and adds to the place where dark hues abound and muted gray dominates!

You Reap what You Saw

Fall 2016. Autumn colors in art. Olga Oilikki


Without any grim connotations, Fall, at least in most of the European cultures, is a period of harvesting whatever fruits of labor is there to harvest. In the Eastern Hemisphere, people are filling up their basements with neatly decorated jars, filled with all kinds of garnished pickles. The tradition is really old (in fact, ancient), but is still accumulated to this day. In fact, the pickling recipes and the many creative ways of packing the goods are becoming a bit of an autumn trend amongst the late millennials. Olga Oilikki gives us 12 moody examples of this exotic delicacy, something that any DIY enthusiast would love to hang in his/her’s hut. Have a gorgeous urban rustic habitat with lots of organic/natural elements scattered around? Have those sublime raw wood windowsills below a bit worn-out windowpanes with dried florals attached to a string with wooden pegs, stretching across the whole room? This is for you.

Autumn Colors are in the Trees

Fall 2016. Autumn colors in art. Annisa Tiara Utami


The autumn colors in the art can rarely be represented better than it is done with an artwork that depicts the fall affected flora. A reminder of the time passing, the time already gone by, and the overall circulation our everyday life is based on, it’s a fitting piece for a cozy hut of DIY crafter who gets the most out of the most little. The peculiar smell of the dry, cool air, the leafs crunching below your feet when you deliberately stumble upon them, the scent from the tightly packed undergrowth… Even better if there are some massive beige wooden beams that could aesthetically correspond with this little, autumnal scenery by Annisa Tiara Utami.

Time to Change the Coats

Fall 2016. Autumn colors in art. Elisabeth Fredriksson


Just like the foxy lady does it on an annual basis, we, the humans, are also subjected to some rather big transformations. Summer’s gone by and it means that the lightweight wardrobe and accessory set will be replaced by comfy and big garments, thermos and scarfs. But it’s also the mental aspect that’s going through some rather serious morphing. From the unstoppable festival hotheads, we have to switch to a more inward-looking approach, have to evaluate the deeds we hit or missed with. Elisabeth’s Fredriksson’s decorative wall art is the perfect solution for a subtle little hallway decor, although might sit equally well as a cushion in your cozy reading nook. A Beautiful little nuance that will make the period much more bearable. The perfect example of the lighter side regarding the autumn colors in art.

As There Will be Loads of Tea…

Fall 2016. Autumn colors in art. Virgola


You might consider getting a new, season-appropriate mug. Virgola’s take on the Mary Poppins theme is an obvious tribute to the Robert Stevenson’s 1964’s classic, a musical that would be as worthy of a watch for the kiddos today as it was during its heyday. Settle down, get under the blanket, pick a nice, thematically fitting mug to sip your brew from, and let yourself a real sentimental Disney magic from the times when motion pictures still could deliver the sense of innocence and wonder. Even more, considering the 2018 release of Marry Poppins Returns with Emily Blunt starring as the iconic flying nanny, you might acquire the hottest thing before anyone else does! 

Fall is by no means the end of your emotional well-being. The truth is very simple. Every season has something to offer, and it’s up to us to recognize and appreciate these qualities. The autumn colors in the art will enhance whatever there is to love about this hushed-down, peaceful period of the year.

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Fall 2016. Autumn Colors in Art.
Let us tame down, embrace the coziness, and indulge in some retrospective contemplation. This is about autumn colors in art and what exactly is so great about them.

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