Fashion in Milan Won’t Lift off Without Us!

Starting from the February 24 till March 1, 2016, another 7-day celebration of fashion is on! This time, it’s taking place in one of the fashion capitals of the world, namely, the always-trendy city of Milan! Creame won’t waste a chance to shine bright and loud, therefore, in a very special co-operation with the magnificent Italian graphic designer Giulio Rossi, we’ll enter the Milan Fashion Week stage with phone case and mug designs to die for! With a multinational flavor and the always-present chic, these are sure to leave a lasting impact!  We’re confident that these will find their place amongst all things fashion in Milan!  

Quasi-Traditional Modern
Fashion in Milan. Giulio Rossi artwork.

The distinctive style of Giulio Rossi simply cannot be replicated. His latest creations, compiling the special artwork collection for the Milan Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2017, are simply testing the limitations of the term “cool”. “Baroque” is the visual representation of two eras clashing together to procreate a magnificent spectacle of androgyny, 17th-century aesthetics and the high fashion sensibility! The model wearing the case – Samsung Galaxy S6.

Can We Reshape the Fashion in Milan?
Fashion in Milan. Giulio Rossi artwork.

Okay, that’s a rather difficult challenge, but we can definitely give it a shot with this striking creation by Giulio Rossi. The geometrical solution of the background, highlighted by non-intrusive and aesthetically appealing hues makes a heck of a visual impact. The goddess at the centre of it all begs for no comment. It’s the beauty itself, initiating a mini-scale catharsis just by looking at it. “Stripes” is the title of the particular canvas art, the one that any contemporary soul should definitely own!

Not Your Usual Kind of a Flower Power
Fashion in Milan. Giulio Rossi artwork.

Oh jeez, here we meet again. This foxy lady has appeared in Giulio Rossi’s artwork before, but it’s here, on this sugary cover for an iPhone 6, where she stands in a full swing of the 60’s London! The suggestive grimace, the Twiggy-esque wardrobe, everything is almost too much of a pop to bear, but somehow still leaves for more of it to be desired. The artwork, simply titled as “Flower” will feature as one of the special Milan Fashion Week representatives of Creame and it’s sure to resound loudly between all things fashion in Milan!

Last but Never the Least                          Fashion in Milan. Giulio Rossi artwork.

As we like to put it – a MUGnificent choice! The chevron pattern behind the somewhat Grimes-like being is what the contemporary design is all about these days while the central persona possesses that kind of a unique, intimidating charisma that only Giulio Rossi has the capacity to create. We mean, those eyes! “Geometry” is the title, the central theme of the artwork, and the motive that stretches around the mug itself. During the Milan Fashion Week, we’ll definitely have the coolest stuff to pour beverages in!

So, this is our super-tasteful arsenal. We’re sure that the fashion in Milan can only benefit from an assortment like this and we are certain that you also will! Keep it up to date and tune on to the events of the Milan Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2017! Good vibes and another great adventure for Creame!

P.S Giulio Rossi’s Milan Fashion Week special artwork collection is available on canvas, acrylic, aluminum, photo board foundations, as well as on mugs and iPhone/Samsung Galaxy phone cases.
Article Name
Fashion in Milan Won’t Lift off Without Us!
From the Feb. 24 till March 1, 2016, Milan Fashion Week is on! Striving to shake all things fashion in Milan, we come in with a special artwork collection!

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