Riga Fashion Week – The Complete Synopsis


Riga Fashion Week 2016 ran from 30th March until 3rd April. Being Latvia’s biggest fashion event with Creame as its main sponsor we are just burning to tell you all about it.

To introduce the upcoming Riga Fashion Week (RFW) we gave you a small insight into the event with our March 15th’s article: Riga Fashion Week  – Release Your Creativity With Creame where we discussed the brands that would be performing, and Creame’s philosophy on the whole show.


Some of the biggest Baltic labels, such as Pohjanheimo, NoLo, Tanti, etc. gathered together to create 4 days of fashion. The greatest part of the fashion shows took place at the Radisson Blue Hotel main hall, outside which were the stands of the sponsors. The great flow of people mingled to and fro capturing every moment and every piece of clothing that they found intriguing. And let me tell you this – people were indeed dressed intriguingly.

As the biggest fashion event in the Baltics, the RFW shows were frequented by the crème de la crème of Latvia. Famous celebs like Aminata, Maija Silova and fashion bloggers like Agnija Griguleghettopvnk, Beāte Jonīte (chanelegance), etc. were the epitome of the show.

The Creame Fashion Stand

Each Riga Fashion Week sponsor had its own stand. Big names like Perwool, Mercedes-Benz, Italia Independent, etc. had their fashion stands to showcase their newest products. Creame had a beautiful, very minimalistic fashion stand. It featured a large cover, created from our artist artworks – it was eye catching and aesthetically pleasing – two must-haves in Fashion Week.

Stylish with Creame @rigafashionweek_official! #illustrations #model

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Our main message was “Release your creativity with creame” and as we are a lifestyle brand we did this during fashion week by giving away some of our top design iPhone and Samsung phone cases. Anyone interested could just pick up a phone case, make a selfie against our Creame wall and post it on Instagram with the hashtag #creame_official – and the phone case then is yours! Crowds were gathering around our fashion stand and at the end of every day our vaults of Creame were empty – people loved our products!

The Creame Fashion Show

 The Creame show was the flagship show for the fashion week. When people were asked to describe the presentation they usually chose the words summery, fun and colourful – and that’s exactly what it was!

The show started off with a video representing many of our beloved artist’s work, quickening its pace to the beat of the music, and then the models came out! Wearing bright highlighted bob cut wigs they sported the signature creame prints. The very first model wore our Giulio Rossi Milan 2016 print with its iconic baroque-esque print.


Remember the article Creame’s Guide On Selfie Taking and our 5 bullet points for the perfect selfie, well our models really proved that they have mastered the selfie game. With iPhones and our high fidelity, printed cases they paraded around the runway and just had amazing fun!

– – –

RFW provided us with a variety of designers, some of them were truly refreshing like Tanti, and some proved yet again that elegance and minimalism go hand in hand. Let’s uncover 6 amazing fashion shows!


One Wolf


The Estonian brand of Pohjanheimo (stylised POHJANHEIMO) was big this year! With fresh and relaxing colours, the fabrics seemed to be of high quality and build. They infused the classical with the nuovo and created a timeless design that had that extra flare and elegance.

Katya Katya Shehurina

Katya Katya Shehurina is a Latvian brand that puts great emphasis on detail, and that is why they stood out from the rest of the contestants. The brand’s apparel was unique, gracious and intricate. Thus, it contrasted well against the overall super minimalistic aura of the Fashion Week. The collection was beautifully designed and well crafted, pushing the boundaries a little bit further with every piece, all in all – an excellent collection!


Tanti is a very new Latvian brand that has been with the fashion industry a mear 7 months. It derives its name from Italian, “Tanti” meaning “a lot“. The collection to me was a surprise – it was brutal, yet very elegant, provocative, yet comforting, diverse yet also unifying.

The main colours were camel, marsala, and mossy green, all of which really created this ambiance of high-class prêt-à-porter  apparel and contemporary design. The presentation was well thought out and the music gave it that extra punch.


Nolo is quite a famous Latvian fashion brand, its one of the biggest home based brands we have here, and this fashion week it really proved why! The whole concept of the collection was “the walk of shame” mixed with a level of French chic. The result – a collection that is vibrant, trashy, yet elegant with that oversized grunge look. The designer really epitomized that brutal vibe and gave it flare – with bright, saturated colours the collection was definitely worth to see. The collection drew parallels with the Vetements Fall/Winter 2016/17 collection but with a gentler touch.

Natalija Jansone

This season Natalija Jansone was applauded for her use of very luxury looking fabrics and textiles. With chic and minimalistic lines she curved the models into a well-crafted aura of mystery. The collection consisted of mainly black, gray and some International Klein Blue, which gave beautiful highlights and accentuated the whole simplicity of the collection.

In by Inga Nipane

A major theme this season for the designer were stripes. Inga retained that elegant classical look to all of her coats and dresses and gave them flare with higly contrasting electric green, deep blue, black and white colours. The result – a refined look that is very prêt-à-porter and would do excellently in any ball or party.

Any Final Thoughts?

Riga Fashion Week 2016 was undeniably a big event. People dressed up and celebrities came, designers showcased their work and Creame blew everyone out of their seats with our summer vibes. Designer-vise it was definitely vibrant, chic and a very rich event. We here at Creame are glad to have helped create such a spectacle and await all fashionistas for the fall/winter show.



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Riga Fashion Week - The Complete Synopsis
Riga Fashion Week is the Baltics top fashion event. This review focuses on the ups and downs of RFW and how well the lifestyle brand Creame.

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