Forest Stories for Nature-Inspired Decor

The better part of the forest stories found in famous works of literature suggests that it’s a sort of a black hole, sucking in all kinds of little red riding hood-types, siblings with a great  lust for sweets and disoriented hobbits.

The motive of the forest has gained a distinct cultural ethos of being a mysterious and unwelcoming place, possessing a certain dangerous ambiance that, paradoxically, attracts hordes of adventurers, seeking for an unhealthy dose of adrenaline. However, these days it’s a rather hip place for one to explore. It’s calming, beautiful, majestic and inviting. A place that’s always been dear to the artsy crowd, including Creame.

The Red One

Fox-Masked Kid Wall Art

Fox-Masked Kid by Annisa Tiara Utami

Curiously looking up for the rare occasion of human presence, the flamy fur of the fox breaks the white of snow, giving the first hint of the subworld this place really is. We forget the cunning and trickery traditional folklore has attributed to the animal. It’s a beautiful and courageous creature, brave enough to refuse the much necessary camouflage, preferring a glaring coat of reddish pomp. And, as unexpectedly as it appeared, the animal is gone in the grove. How to encapsulate the impression? The age-old fairy tale heroine is one of the many symbols of the woodland, an integral part of the forest stories and a one that’s definitely worth a perpetual stand as an art print in a cozy log  house by the forest line.

The Big, the Bad and the Beautiful One

  Dinner Time Wall Art

Dinner Time by Balazs Solti

The king of the forest is an ambiguous title. Some might associate the honor with the honey eager slouch of bear while others would prefer the mighty moose because of its intimidating, but a nevertheless amazing set of horns. We, however, give our vote for the big, the bad and the beautiful one – the gray wolf.

A gracious, highly territorial hunter with a certain mythical quality, roaming the forest with its loyal-to-death pack is a sight to witness. After all, the wolf Fenrir of Norse mythology was the son of Loki while Japanese farmers used shrines to worship the creature, leaving food donations in exchange for the protection of their crops! And don’t forget that the main milk supply for the seeds of the Western civilization, namely, Remus and Romulus came from a mighty she-wolf! It’s not just a contemporary motive for the t-shirts of the Coachella kind.  Wolf is an essential part of the forest stories, it’s the animal kingdom at its most raw, inspiring and masculine and, as a matter of fact, we can provide an opportunity to encapsulate this part of the forest stories!

The Morning Fog

Little Red Riding Hood Mug and Sunset Wall Art

Little Red Riding Hood (mug) by Annisa Tiara Utami and Sunset by Diana Rejina

For some, the arriving of the thick, white agglomerate in the cold of the autumn morning, signals the most appropriate  time for a nice, warm cup of one’s preferred wee hour beverage. Understandably so. It’s one of those moments when the organism of nature appears in full action, curling between the emptiness of twin trees, covering the frozen ground and ubiquitous gardens of moss. It is a spiritual experience that induces an otherworldly sense of self and tranquility. You cannot capture the fog to keep it for later (although, you can definitely try), but the sight of it trespassing the swampland in a strive to enfold the nearby green coat is a one to be enjoyed with a proper ceramic piece of art in your hands. For a full experience of this forest tale you just need to pick up a comfy blanket in which to subside. The picture mug that might serve as an aesthetical addition for the whole experience can be found here!

The Shelter

Rustic Studio 

 Mother of Forest by Diana Rejina and Flock of Trees by Annisa Tiara Utami

Surrounded by centenarian firs, a studio of rustic interior sits by a frozen basin, waiting for the spring revival. In it, the most beautiful of winter inspiration is turned into a great nature-inspired wall art. A Doe with her cubs will arrive to ease their thirst by the little lake outside while a group of little kiddies, during their first epic exploration of the woodland, will find this to be a good place for an exciting ice-skating competition. Every scene outside the window serves to inspire. The lake outside will stand there undiscovered, unexposed, in a steadfast stillness, we cannot possibly duplicate. A soft layer of snow will cover the old wooden platform, once built by an even older fisherman. We’ll wait in our shelter of creativity  and let it sleep the winter sleep.

The Trees

Flock of Trees Wall Art

Flock of Trees by Annisa Tiara Utami

Standing proud and powerful, some of these green coats are already ancients by our standards. Not to mention that they provide us with a vitally necessary matter, they also produce air we feed on. It’s absolutely fascinating to think what these groves have been through during these centuries. Have they seen the Napoleon? Or maybe that texture on its skin is a scar from one of the great wars of the 20th century? It is so banal to wish those wooden totems to be able to speak, but we do wish to hear their story! Standing there like some sort of guardians in an adamantine secrecy that we’re too fat-witted to understand, they provide shelter for all things moving which also includes us. Rays of light shine through the stencil made by trees growing so close together, while during the night time, a pair of eyes flashes between them, followed by a sound of rapid trotting. We get it, it’s time for us to leave and leave we shall, knowing that there are more forest stories to be told. All we have, are parts of them, scenes available as illustrations for an artistic phone case or a calming and ethereal reflection about the subject as your new, inspirational wall art.

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Forest Stories for Nature -Inspired Decor
The woodland has long been considered a place of mystique and danger. We find it inspirational and hip, full of forest stories to be told.

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