It’s Sci-Fi Time! Get Your Futuristic Interior Design!


This is a real treat for those who fancy gigantic motherships, laser-beam-blasting space-jets that travel with the speed of light and all those things that films like Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey (with its little cousin –“Interstellar”) or the late genius of George Lucas have engraved in our common consciousness. 

Nothing could be better than a legit spaceship setting in your personal headquarters and, although the technology still has a lot of catching up to do, these ideas will assure at least some of the space station aesthetics in your surroundings!

Spaceship Interior Can be a Serious Design Feat

Ultra-futuristic interior design

Yeah, that’s true. Having a futuristic interior design does not necessarily mean a campy Death Star command center with little red lights beeping everywhere and a podesta to stand on while you aim for that rebel alliance spacecraft (although we would more than understand a desire for such decor). It might as well mean clean, brightly lit, minimalist surroundings that play with the geometry of the room. Walls with broken, juxtaposing angles, resembling an exercise in origami with colored edges to highlight their contrast. It could be a curved wall, that surrounds your bed from both sides, turning it into a sort of a tasteful capsule for your regular hibernation!

With that said – furniture will look more futuristic if it’ll be geometric and asymmetric!

Color palette

The dominant force here is, of course, the color of white. White is the glorious and ascetic hue that adorns the hallways of a far away exploration spaceship, the color of distant stars and the mask of a Stormtrooper (okay, this one’s kinda random). Anyway – white provides the mechanical asceticism that one tends to associate with the minimalist approach. Now add the correct lighting, which is one of these:

  • A spotlight-like lighting only on some specific furnishings;
  • Numerous hidden lights, built in shelves and ceiling panels;
  • Visible lighting elements, systematically built in a horizontal line by the wall;
  • Numerous, square-form ceiling lights without apparent edges;
  • Geometric sources of blue light, built into walls and ceiling (a vertical stripe of blue light, for example);

Futuristic bedroom lighting

And then – have some light games! Here it is not about multi-colored sabers and futuristic guns. Light is one of the key ingredients to make your interior more futuristic place. Even if the furnishings are rather conventional, the futuristic effect can be achieved with a simple combo of colors and lighting!


In the case of sci-fi inspired interior design, the right decoration in the right place is crucial for that requisite “Enterprise” vibe. Here are some simple solutions that will provide an extra-terrestrial aesthetic!

  • Place a completely white telescope (a one you can cheaply get in almost every shop these days) before that huge glass collage of windows (or, perhaps, a porthole-like window for a real space shuttle experience)
  • Lamps! And as twisted as possible! Virtually – twisted, because out-of-this-world geometry applies to every little thing in your soon-to-be futuristic room! In the case of the lamp, it could be attached to your wall, such as a cool-looking piece of robotics or it could stand like a proud tripod that looks like it might discharge a ray of light in a case of provocation. White, black and blue are the colors of the future lamp!                                                 Futuristic decor
  • Newton’s Cradle! This is nothing new and, in a sense, has become a sort of an “elegant office table decor for mature guys” cliche, but in the context of a futuristic interior design it can work wonders! The little thing still looks tasteful in almost every environment, while here it actually may have a beautifully symbolic meaning! After all, the groundwork of our technological progress still lays in the discoveries made by those centuries old geniuses!
  • A wooden decor here and there, so you wouldn’t forget about your native planet. Why wooden? Because sci-fi influenced interior design can actually be intellectual, making references to the science in general and celebrating tree as the foundation of our shelter, the biological creation that has helped us more than anything! A nice element would be wooden planes on a staircase, lit up by a bright side lights!                                                    Wooden stair caise with side lights
  • A futuristic sci-fi wall art! It could be some sort of a galaxy map or a huge photo print on canvas that depicts what one might see from a spaceship porthole. Things like these are especially entertaining for the little ones and, of course, for our inner geek! Another great idea for your personal space station would be a hallway decoration with acrylic panels! These bear a nice resemblance to real windows and a series of space-themed acrylic pictures by the wall would make you feel like real captain Kirk.
  • A down-to-earth sci-fi wall art. Again, it’s the question of what kind of a sci-fi ambiance do you prefer. A contemporary wall art collage that depicts your friends and loved ones would be a tasteful contradiction to the rest of the apartment, something that again strives for the intellectual sci-fi of Tarkovsky’s “Solaris” or “Space Odyssey” for that matter. Dark, wooden frames (or silver ones) are recommended, for they have a fantastic, timeless quality to them.


Throw in some retro aspect. Something like an alarm clock from the 30’s or an ancient- looking telephone will have a striking impact!

Furniture style and material

Sci-fi is fun and colorful

This is where you can let your imagination a free roam. The matter can be:

  • plastic
  • rubber
  • or glass

everything that has an industrial quality and a bit of an alienated appeal. The forms can be strictly similar or completely geometrically unrelated something like a:

Geometric furnishings

Spirit House chair with solid oak wood office table



Leather armchair with a physics-defying plastic or acrylic end table beside it

Furthermore, you can adorn your wall with a distinct, textured wallpaper, that would make a wall look like it’s covered with a millennium old scriptures from a distant alien civilization! Alright, maybe we went too far with that one. It would simply serve as another exercise in a tasteful, spaceship-like asceticism.

On our way to the Kebler-22b

Sci-fi interior

Sci-Fi is a very peculiar thing, something that just radiates epicness of distant opportunities and explorations. It is also colorful, fun, full of interesting gadgetry and a place where speed-of-light intergalactic travel is a legit thing. But you can actually catch the sensation of space while still being a part of our dear, old earth. We cannot offer a dimensional touchscreen map that you can navigate with your fingers, but a tasteful sci-fi design that’s full of references and interesting accents is something anyone can actually achieve. For additional spaceship wall art solutions, check out our archive!

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It’s Sci-Fi Time! Get Your Futuristic Interior Design!
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