3 Facts About Global Climate Changes That Everyone Should Know


Global Climate Changes have a profound effect on everyone on Earth, it affects us all. That is why projects such as Taiwan’s Designers’ week or TWDW are necessary for increasing the awareness of global climate change through art. With the motto “Nature is Speaking” TWDW’s main objective was to build a dialogue and create an equilibrium between society and nature.

How Global Climate Changes Are Represented in Art?

Nature is Speaking

 Before we get into the real deal with global climate changes let’s take a moment to evaluate the importance of events such as Taiwan’s Designers’ Week. Celebrated artists like Francesco Grande, Sofia Bonati, Alina Grinpauka and others created artwork especially for our exclusive Creame line with the one idea in mind “Nature is Speaking”. Francesco Grande described his concept of his work as Nature is the sweet guardian of the Earth —  it has created the world and all living species, including humans, that under the watchful eye of the sun, has the difficult task of being the guardian of the earth, until the human species will be present on the planet.”

Francesco_acryl_taiwanFrancesco’s Artwork such as the Allegory Of Nature recreates the harmony between nature, the Earth and  the Sun, exemplifying the delicate state of matter, which must exist in order for life to be.

“The nautilus shell in the Renaissance was the symbol of the perfection of natural geometry, here it represented as a mystical symbol of nature from which all things originate. The female figure with floral decorations on the body is the allegory of nature, which arises from the circular motion of space inside the shell.”

TWDW’s fundamental idea was to create artwork that would represent the gentle balance between man and nature, with the general thesis – humanity cannot survive without nature, we need nature, yet nature does not necessarily need humanity. It’s a fact that we must understand – humans are the creations of Mother Nature, but yet we still defy any desire to preserve our Earth.

Now let’s start with some of the scary facts…


The Sea Level Is Rising

Sea level is directly correlated to the temperature rise the Earth has witnessed in the past few years. Global sea levels have risen approximately 17cm during the last century, with on average 3.39mm per annum. Scientists have stated that sea levels will continue to rise more and more rapidly with each coming year.

the-old-man-ocean-aluminiumThe Old man Ocean by Yulya Shironina

Poseidon was one of the twelve Olympian deities of the pantheon in Greek mythology. His main domain was the ocean, and he is called the “God of the Sea”, usually being depicted as an older man with a beard and curly hair. Yulya Shironina perfectly captures the wild and untamable nature of the ocean and makes you think more about how we all are affected by the great deep blue waters.


Many Are Having a Hard Time Adjusting To Our Climate

Global climate changes such as temperature increase, carbon dioxide fluctuations, etc. have always been in motion and have never really been constant for a considerable period of time. Yet in recent years, the equilibrium which had been established in  pre-Industrial Revolution  years, has been offset and is reaching extremes. This has caused animals trouble adapting to the new situation.

read-all-over-canvas-9091945 When the large glaciers of Antarctica melt, thousands and thousand of cubic kilometers of ice oozes away into the ocean as a slushy substance. The loss of ice means a loss of home for the inhabitants of Antarctica, penguins, and polar bears being the affected animals.

Rob Snow has taken the initiative to recover this turn of events and to popularize the heartbreaking story of the furry ones in the delightful and colourful artwork Read All Over. With the heading of the newspaper: Worst Ever CO2 Emissions Leave Climate On The Brink R. Snow thinks of those who cannot speak for themselves.


Water Turns To Poison

Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, the acidity of ocean waters has increased by approximately 30%. This increase is attributed to human activity, mainly by the production of excessive carbon dioxide. The water soluble gas creates an environment more and more inhospitable to the natural species of the lakes, rivers, seas and oceans. The amount of carbon dioxide absorbed by the upper layer of the oceans is increasing by about 2 billion tons per year.


Octopus by TAOJB is an elegant example of the beautiful dance the sea creatures perform every second of their life. The delicate figure and wonderful detail are signs of their dependent balance upon the natural systems of the Earth.

Art – a Means Of Informing

Artwork is a representation of thought and emotion on a visual platform. It may be static or dynamic, black&white or colourful, printed on aluminium or on a phone case – it doesn’t matter where. What matters is what message these printed artworks send, what effect they have on people and how art can heal the world. Here at Creame we believe our mission is to let art flourish, and let it reach the audience that appreciates it.

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4 Facts About Global Climate Changes That Everyone Should Know
Global climate changes are affecting the Earth, and our artists here at Creame have noticed this. So come and see what beauty lies within the tragedy.

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