Home Decor Trends 2016


Modern trends in interior design are not as rapidly changing as in the fashion industry. That is why we can be sure that trends in home decor will be relevant In the next couple of years.

Our home is not just an expensive real estate, it’s also a space designed to harmonize our inner world. The interior design of our home demonstrates our preferences, tastes and character. With skillful decoration our house can become a bridgehead for comfortable living, personal development and self-fulfillment.

Home Decor For 2016



Hydra by Sofia Bonati

Marsala – is not only a wine produced in Sicily, besides it is a color that received its recognition in interior design. A deep wine shade is associated with sophistication and elegance, for sure this color will become a leading in home decor trends. This shade perfectly combines  with gold and copper.

Complex and rich, Marsala does not attract the attention, but on the contrary, combines all the elements of space into one. This gracious and welcoming tone, as an element can be easily incorporated into any interior an accent in the form of accessories, textiles or paint. Plush Marsala characteristics of the are enhanced when the color is applied to the textured surface, which makes it an ideal choice for carpets and upholstered furniture for the living room.

Spicy notes of Marsala makes it perfect for the kitchen: table and small appliances. The shade is especially noticeable in the floral patterns of napkins and crockery. Marsala will look especially chic on your bed linens.

Geometric Trend

Home Decor Trend 2016

Most likely somebody is now making up an idea how to decorate their wall with square shapes, or is hanging up a painting with polygons and that happens because  geometrical patterns are currently in vogue. There is not a single reason to ignore this home decor trend . We will explain how to easily integrate it into your living space.

Select the image that will fit into the color palette of the room, as, for example, we would recommend Mayka Can2ienova canvas Lighten Squares and make sure that its size and shape will not significantly “burden”  the room.lighten-squares-canvas-1 The latter is related to the balance of items. Their relationship should be built on a clear hierarchy. Some objects play a dominant role while others carry an auxiliary function. No matter how good the patterns are they should not be too much, otherwise, the room visitors would not be able to relax visually. Concentrate on a selection of one or two elements.

Gold, brass and copper Trend

Home Decor Trends 2016

Trend “gold, brass and copper”. Key positions in the trendy interior of the apartments are occupied by metal, such as gold, copper and brass. These materials are used in the lighting design, stair railings, fittings. Copper sheets are used to trim cabinet doors, as well as an edging for doors and mirrors. Partly, popularity of copper is due to the growing interest to the steampunk style, connected with the Victorian era and the age of the great engineering inventions.


This “Cream” Artwork  by Darren Kane will perfectly fit with gold, brass and copper design elements.

Whenever you upgrade the interior  it is important to remember that the key is its compliance with the overall style. It is necessary that every detail is in harmony with the other design elements of the house.

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Home Decor Trends 2016
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