How’s it Doing, Emma Cheng?

Artworks by Emma Cheng

It’s safe to say that Emma Cheng is certainly doing very well. This independent artist and illustrator from Taipei surely knows what’s good and is kindly not retaining all the precious goldmine just to herself. Being one of the latest additions to the ever-growing community of Creame artists, Emma combines seemingly conflicting visual elements for a warm, feminine and dreamlike outcome on the canvas!

Emma is Mixing It!

Artwork by Emma Cheng2.


As we already mentioned it, Emma is an independent artist currently residing on the island of Taiwan. Her extreme attention to detail, which you can witness throughout her artist’s page, can be attributed to her medicine studies while the undeniable chops for photorealism and exuberant coloring are a direct result of her explorations in the illustrative drawing.

Emma Cheng has pointed out that her main fields of interest are patterns and fashion, all mixed up and served with a culture-seasoned garniture. The Western contemporary fashion aesthetics clash together with the crowd’s favorite – Oriental symbolism, evoking a visual spectacle that would do justice to any fairy tale story taking place in the Far-East periphery. What we get is a marvelous junction of the European high fashion standard and a penchant for photorealistic oriental fairies. Meanwhile, her surgically accurate depiction of objects in a pattern-like organization draws our sight and keeps it locked until it’s lured back by one of the geisha-like heroines right beside it.

Human Hearts and Oriental Fairies


Air Ship” 

The delicate outline and warmth-inducing hues emit a strangely pleasant vibe of sensuality. Emma believes in the power of art and takes its potential to change lives pretty seriously. She also operates with it rather originally. Objects, characteristic to a horror flick autopsy room, sit comfortably next to a rather cheerful set of clothing garments, reminiscent of the early magazine illustrations made by the young Warhol. An anatomically precise depiction of a human heart lies next to a delicate angel projecting the most innocent of gazes. A conflicting scenery, that somehow has the visual balance to crave for! Emma Cheng states that the main source of her inspiration is the surrounding environment. Jeez… we’d love to be in an environment that sparks up something like this!

Artwork by Emma Cheng1.


A deep passion for art is Emma’s fuel while all that’s left for us, the spectators, is to enjoy whatever Emma decides to draw up during her creative journey. All of what you see here and all of what’s to be found beyond can be acquired in a form of wall art solutions or as the new embellishment for your phone case!

Emma’s doing awesome and so should you!

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How’s it Doing, Emma Cheng?
Emma Cheng is doing awesome and here's a proof! Creame offers a fresh insight into one of our new talents and her unique take on the art-making process!

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