What’s A Collage? Illustrations By My Dead Pony


Creame is proud to present our newest addition to the Creame artist community – My Dead Pony. Raphael Vicenzi working under the pseudonym “My Dead Pony” creates beautiful collages and illustrations. His style has been defined as refined street art and fashion, although Raphael himself can’t define his own work because they are landscapes, bits, and pieces, snapshots of his world and of his imagination.

— What’s a collage? —

A collage is a form of visual art where the artwork is created by the assemblage of different form pieces put together to create a new “whole“. A collage can be created digitally in mediums such as photoshop and in an analog way of cutting and pasting magazine, newspaper, artwork, photography and other objects’ bits and pieces. The art form developed during the early 20th century, with Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso coining the definition of “collage“.


La Gerbe

One of Matisse’s latest works (1953).

Uncovering The Artist

Raphael Vicenzi

Raphael is a Belgian illustrator living in Brussels, Belgium. Self-trained and self-made, he learnt the necessary Photoshop tips and tricks the hard way – by dabbling, tutorials and articles. Maybe that’s why his work is so unique and personal, the whole route that Raphael took can be considered as an artistic voyage.

Raphael has collaborated with Graniph, String Republic, and Ride Snowboard. He has been published in Taschen 100 Illustrators, Artbox Japan, Taschen Illustration Now 3 and represents clients worldwide.



Raphaels illustrations & collages are eccentric and very charming. Every detail is carefully planted and every colour beautifully works together to create a greater self.


My Dead Pony

When asked how Raphael acquired his pseudonym he cites an old picture of him being three or four years old, sitting on a white pony. However when Raphael found the picture many years later, it reminded him of how he had grown up and how the pony was probably dead now. He picked up the nickname and it kinda stuck.


Creame is proud to announce that My Dead Pony is our newest collaborative artist. His sampled work fits gracefully on our phone cases, mugs, canvases etc. The high-fidelity print really brings out the contrasting colours and does not let the many shades of grey flow into one.

Illustrations on the iPhone


Lost In Confined Space x Black Metal Panda

Lost In Space reminisces of the USSR with its Yuri Gagarin-esque spacesuit. A very pop-art/ street style influenced piece that has a high saturation of colour. However, Balck Metal Panda is the exact contrasting opposite – with its very sleek and minimalistic look, it evokes memories of Jackie Chan’s earlier films. Black Metal Panda has become an iconic My Dead Pony work, that Raphael uses as his portrait.

Illustrations on Canvasses


Everything Is Wrong For The Wrong Reasons x Take Pleasure In Small Things

Both artworks are of the contemporary illustrations nature. Both are sleek and simple and yet elegant in their own ways. If you like Everything Is Wrong For The Wrong Reasons then you are in luck! We have the canvas for a My Dead Pony Special at our Creame special section. And while you’re there check out some more of our amazing collaborative artists!.

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What's A Collage? Illustrations By My Dead Pony
Creame presents the internationally acclaimed Raphael Vincenzi, better known as My Dead Pony. Discover his unique illustrations and collages right here!

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