Into the Woods with Mladen Vracaric


Mladen Vracaric knows the stuff our nightmares are made of. However, he also knows how to put this stuff to its best use and create some of the most unique, distinctive and striking imagery available in our collection. For those who recognize beauty when it’s not just skin deep, this Serbian artist is  a complete must-have experience.

Dark, Surreal, and Irresistible

Mladen Vracaric. Zone


Okay, forget the word “nightmares”. Or at least try to abandon its traditional meaning. Not all nightmares are necessarily bad. They may simply convey the notion of the events taking place in our hidden subconscious. And most of us know that it’s a one interesting place at that.

Mladen Vracaric. New Nature


The young visual artist Mladen Vracaric dives into the place head-first, exploring the true beauty of environments and creatures that would be usually considered textbook examples of outlandishness and modern surrealism. It’s about the shadows lurking behind us, the red wolf guarding the zone, piercing us with a gaze that could easily rival that of a Gmork. And, of course, a conjoined sheep-being directly from the daily impressions of David Linch

Mladen Vracaric. Infrared Gang


Mladen is actually an honorable bearer of the Masters Degree in Fine Arts, earned from the Academy of Novi Sad, in Serbia, thus, the obvious technical virtuosity begs for no questions. His creative output seeks to define the artist’s inner world and to endue it with a tangible form. A world that, as you might have already noted, is very much different from the humdrum modernity beyond your nearest window. This is where dreams and awareness intervene, and existence becomes truly interesting.

Mladen Vracaric. Sleeping  Pile


Being as much of a staggeringly gifted painter as a seriously capable sculptor, Mladen believes that a constant introspection will pave the way to the essence of all things and events that make up the inner core of a man. Through the artworks, Mladen is trying to display the “hidden place” whilst also creating a sense of a terrifying presence, participating in the scenery as much as the creatures inhabiting the vegetation. It’s there, we can assure.

Mladen Vracaric.  Asian Hybrid


His work is the recipient of the Nis Art Foundation Award and has been exhibited in Serbia, Belgium, and Germany. The next stop? Might as well be your living room. Mladen Vracaric is ready, but can the same be said about you?

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Into the Woods with Mladen Vracaric
Mladen Vracaric knows the stuff our nightmares are made of. However, he also knows how to use this stuff in order to create a masterpiece.

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