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Art director, graphic designer, illustrator, sculptor, painter, visualizer, logo designer and  web designer – these are just some of the many skills and professions that describe the graphic designer José Bernabé. Born in Spain, he moved to the Netherlands a couple years ago. Now José is using his creative genius to collaborate with the world’s biggest companies like Philips and JWT Amsterdam, yet still keeping on expanding his professional knowledge horizons in his own self-titled studio José Bernabé Studio almost 11 years ago in  2005.

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Ever since José Bernabé was a child, he has loved to draw. He has noted his special approach to communication through art, “there’s always a message in my art” he says.  José’s talent was first recognized during an art contest when he was a child, this gave him further motivation to explore his creative abilities in more depth. José did not start immediately off as a graphic designer, he first was a salesman for many years, which gave him the skills of creating an in-depth dialogue with the people around him. He makes artistic motivational quotes for his son Raul, which we have emulated here at Creame in our beautiful phone cases, canvases and coffee mugs.

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José studied art academically, learning about composition and colour etc., however, his main mission is to “unlearn” everything that he has acquired in art school and recreate his artistic knowledge from the very beginning in order to create something new, unseen and very fresh. José loves to mix techniques, creating a hybrid between modern and classical art. He says that graphic design must be minimalistic in order to convey the artwork’s message properly, “but too much minimalism isn’t enough in my opinion” says José. He considers that the modern consumer is expecting a mix of the minimalistic and the complex.

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Bright And Saturated Canvasses To Light Up Your Creative Mind

José says that he finds his inspiration in everything and anything – the internet, TV, novels, an exploration, science publications movies and so on. “I don’t find it challenging to stay motivated”, says José. The time he has to collaborate and create is limited, so he has to choose wisely which products to pursue giving him 100% attention and effort. Josés leisure time activities are painting or sculpting that he mostly does for his own joy. He loves to watch movies – contemporary and classical. His favourite directors are: Nolan, Fincher, Buñuel, Kubrick, Lynch.

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José loves to freelance – to experiment with freedom. Sometimes it might be more tricky to do freelancing, because he has to create the artwork from  scratch, doing all of the paperwork and additional tasks needed for the company publishing the works. José also loves to work on a company’s project because you get to collaborate with amazing professionals, but the perfect thing for José would be to combine the both together.

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Word Art Prints A.K.A Quotes for My Son Raul By José Bernabé
Art director, graphic designer, illustrator, sculptor, painter, visualizer, logo designer and web designer.

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