Kiddo Time! Awesome Kids’ Room Design Ideas!

Kiddo Time! Awesome Kids' Room Design Ideas

To miss out on the little ones would be an unforgivable misstep on our side. It is right here where you can actually release your creativity while providing your young with one of a kind adventure room setting. There’s even some educational value in there hence a tasteful environment exercises his/her’s ability to appreciate things from the interior design point of view early on. However, eye-candy is not what it’s all about. This is where your offspring gonna play, do his/her’s homework and sooner or later will invite some pals for partying purposes. With our addition to the kids’ room design ideas, we strive for something that works great and does so for a long period of time!

Undefined Age Group

Kids' Room Design Ideas. Artwork by Annisa Tiara Utami.

Whispering Secret” by Annisa Tiara Utami

For sure those little fellas grow faster than most of us can comprehend. The height markings on the nearby wall seem to get higher with every passing week and in not time all that’s left from your tiny plaything is a three feet youngster of seemingly endless energy resources. The room of your kid should be mobile and the items found there should be easily replaceable. Their moods and views change quickly and at some point, the ever-present bear will have to disappear. To keep it up with the kids’ room convention, be sure to make it all soft of the eyes, bright and inspiring, but toned down so that the color explosion, representing the youngster’s perspective in his/her’s preteens wouldn’t look too goofy during his/her’s adolescence. Do not turn it all into some kind of a Sponge Bob kingdom (even though it does sound like an epic idea), but focus on the growth and functionality. Look for interior elements that conjure a room for an undefined age group otherwise following the ever-changing preferences of your little one could turn out to be a costly trip!

Cohesive Simplicity

Kids' Room Design Ideas. Artwork by Annisa Tiara Utami

The Haven” by Annisa Tiara Utami

Kids’ room design ideas do not necessarily mean investments of fortune. If there’s a clear guideline to follow the process can be easily carried out via DIY solutions. Here, a completely new ground for experimentation is before your eyes, although it is important to be considerate and to take into account the ideas and proposals of your young one to avoid unnecessary scream fest later on. We’re keeping up with the “rule” of the undefined age group while the example above is obviously more young lady oriented. What you have to do in order to obtain a similar effect is quite simple. Choose a compatible and harmonic coloring, use light and easily portable furnishings and decor elements. Avoid heavy items (a monolithic wardrobe) and leave as much of empty space as possible. Get creative with color paper and cut out patterns for embellishment. Any seemingly useless cardboard boxes in your sight? Give them a colorful mounting with the same color paper! Spare your old chairs and tables with a pleasant shade of pink (keep in mind that there’s a difference between the “sugary” and the “sensible” pink) and throw in some fitting piece of canvas art that once again would look decently both as a toddler’s wall art decor and a witty art print for your rad teenager! All of it should be comprised by a cohesive coloring and texturing (for bed sheets and wallpapers)!

Brave Artwork

Kids' Room Design Ideas. Artwork by Balazs Solti.

Break the Rules” by Balazs Solti

Okay, kids’ room design ideas do not necessarily mean just fairies and fluff. This is not something you would place next to your infant’s cradle (we don’t want a kid with a connatural hate for one the cutest beings our planet has managed to produce), but at some point during the evolution of your youngling you might afford to take certain risks with style and themes of your kids’ room interior. The worst thing an artwork like this could initiate is a healthy sense of mischief that would suit the kiddo once he/she has reached that “Dennis the Menace” phase of their childhood. As for the “Break the Rules” slogan, it falls safely on the level of simulating sickness to play video games. An achingly cute rebellion that will sow the seeds for a highly independent individual!

How Sophisticated Can You Get?

Kids' Room Design Ideas. Artwork by Annisa Tiara Utami.

Long Way Home” by Annisa Tiara Utami

These days it’s a very common thing to avoid a fairy tale-like splendor in favor of sophisticated and creative kids’ room design ideas. The same hint of intellect and appreciation for class, parents strive to showcase while setting up the scenery for the living room, can now be exploited in the environment for kids. Contemporary kids’ room designs are all about practicality and the “less is more” appeal. Key elements here: strings of electric lights (only from a certain age when they have a serious notion how the electricity works), geometric patterns (for furnishings and wallpapers) and piles of tastefully positioned pillows. It will never be like in those glossy pages of the magazine (judging by wich it seems that a normal kid has only three toys at best), but you can surely aim for a nice balance between gravity and plain fun. You can get wild with multi-story bedding solutions and experiment with minimalist vibes when considering the ornament for walls (different, but tone-related hues or chalkboard wall paint). You can squeeze in some wooden elements (a wall-mounted desk for studying) and other, presumably, “adult” aesthetics like dark gray or charcoal black wallpapers, emphasized with baby pink ornamentations. The artwork on the wall serves simply to add personality to your kids’ corners so it’s recommended to pick something with a perennial quality. Something that the kiddo would love even without understanding what the picture’s really about.

And As they Get Bigger…

Kids' Room Design Ideas. Artwork by Leah Flores.

Escape X Alaska” by Leah Flore

Sadly, they really do. Old toys are piling up in improvised treasure chests and the Hot lava game (we all played that one) is not the “hot thing” anymore. Action Man figurine lies there in a freeze frame of its last, unfinished adventure while the puzzle waits silently for those two missing pieces. As your young is starting to celebrate birthdays with two-digit symbols on the cake, it’s clear that the kids’ room interior will have to get more serene, even more functionary and, even more closer to what your working room looks and feels like. This, somewhat sad inevitability at the same time is a clear invitation to enjoy what we got. The first few years into the journey have to be magical so let an appropriate kids’ room interior do its thing!

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Kiddo Time! Awesome Kids' Room Design Ideas!
To miss out on the little ones would be an unforgivable misstep on our side. With our addition to the kids’ room design ideas, we strive for something that works great and does so for a long period of time!

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