Life with a smile!

Tazza caffe

The exclusive artist of creame – Virgola

Custom photo canvas, aluminum prints or acryl — the matter of material is important as important is the artwork and the idea behind every artwork itself. Creame is the leading destination for artwork prints, with a selection of visual designers and artists from all over the world, and one of our exclusive artists is the ordinary and living with a smile Virgola! She is one the most popular visual artists in the Italy and her works are a lovely, meaningful poems,virgola-rose-canvas that will give you an ordinary feelings, happiness and the most important — a smile! Now you can enjoy her art and make it as a part of your lifestyle by choosing different products, starting from the mug, phone cases and lovely pillows or creating your own custom photo canvas or even aluminum print by choosing an artwork you love the most!

Yes, creame uses different materials for the artworks, because we believe that material plays an important role of one particular art (aluminum print a glowing beauty, while canvas prints’ the “American Dream” is to become an oil painting one day). There is only one important rule for us and Virgola — smile!

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