A Minimalistic Approach To Interior Design


The minimalist embraces purity, simplicity and clarity, subtracting all that is unnecessary and redundant. However there comes a time when too little becomes… too little, minimalism isn’t just about pure lines, but about finding the right equilibrium, the right minimalistic approach.

When minimalism came to life after the Second World War the ideology behind the genre was to eliminate all that does not serve a pivotal function. Thus elegant, thought-provoking and a lot more cost effective products/ideas were introduced into mass consumerism. At first, minimalism was eye-catching and had that certain wow-factor, that futuristic sparkle, but nowadays it has become bleak and somewhat dull. A minimalistic approach to interior design is a good approach, just like Coco Chanel said: “Once you’ve dressed, and before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take at least one thing off.”  so should we follow.

A Minimalistic Approach To Colour

A lot of people will disagree, but minimalism is easy to pull off, it doesn’t really take much talent to slap on some white and get some subtle colours that don’t annihilate each other – this is what minimalism has actually come to nowadays. Minimalism is, in fact, mass production. With the advent of mega-retailers such as IKEA, the consumer market has been bloating since the 1950s with easy-on-the-eyes products. With relatively cheap production they can be offered to the consumers at low prices. That’s why it’s high time to add some colour to our minimalistic approach with the exclusive 60% OFF all products by Alina Grinpauka & Giulio Rossi, just by entering the Code: creamemodels1 in the Coupon field on the Cart page, but remember the sale ends 23:50, Sunday, March 13th.

Giulio Rossi


 Fuck Fearsby Giulio Rossi

Giulio Rossi is the perfect counterpart to minimalism. With sheer precision and supreme detail to the human features he produces artwork that screams super-realism. The vivid colours and the fantasy-like motifs he emulates dreams through art. A perfect peace to break the monotony of geometry.

The Thaw By Giulio Rossi

 Black & White is the combination to live by. The perfect symmetry between the two contrasting colours creates a harmony and it is just the minimalistic approach that transforms impersonal design into style. The Thaw is a gripping example of the monochromatic intensity.

Alina Grinpauka

ulyana-minimalistic -approach

Ulyana by Alina Grinpauka

AlinaGrinpauka’s artwork is fresh off the runway. Simple, yet vividly charming it gives off an uptempo urban beat giving any interior a refreshing and light touch of sensuality.


The girl with the sneaker by Alina Grinpauka

The neon-lit canvas introduces minimalism in a whole new light. The colourfully embellished curvatures disclose the forms of the human body with modern elegance. It’s a fitting piece for any minimalistic approach for your home.

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A Minimalistic Approach To Interior Design
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