Neautral And Moody Interior Inspiration


There’s nothing like a living space with exuberant character. Subtle, yet strong – a moody interior is mysterious, intelligent and instantly easy on the eyes. Creame has gathered up the best moody interior inspiration ideas for a flat bursting with character, yet carefully neutral.

Moody Interior Inspiration


To create a moody/ neutral living space it is important to use deep rich colours with high saturation, but let’s start off with something light and modestly cheerful: the Pantone 2016 colours are serenity and rose quartz. Rose quartz is a perfect light colour to use in the combination of something cool, such as a lighter shade of grey or blue (serenity).





To create a moody living/working space it is important to use cooler colours. In fact, they can be light or darker, but they must be cool, with high saturation. However, you have to counteract this high saturation with patches of black/white/ grey/ cream. This will create a harmonious space that allows room to think and relax.

Use home accessories to place emphasis on specific places and to not let the room mix up into a monochromatic blob. If you are going for a moody/ deep rich colour palette I suggest mildly refreshing (contrasting) accessories – a monochrome will always do right, but a strongly saturated piece might as well do the trick, go with your instinct on this one. Dailing Su has collaborated with Creame to create beautiful, Picasso-esque pieces that will counteract any hue beautifully.


Bicolour interior design or colour duality is the focusing on two main colours (example: deep navy blue and oak brown) and how they harmonise the space without monochromatic it or oversaturating it with other hues.




Grey is a beautiful subtle colour, very neutral and non-saturated. For many purposes, black may be an overstatement and frankly too…black. However, grey might just be perfect for any situation. The colour works best with bronze, gold and brass, marble and stainless steel elements. Grey is the colour you can use in abundance anywhere, literally it is a go-to colour as it’s very easy on the eyes and a colour that really shows off a home accessory from any angle.



grey on grey


Leah Flores creates some of the moodiest artwork we’ve seen here at creame. Beautiful landscapes combined with wise quotes create an abstract, yet relaxing home decor element. Moodiness is the tone of intelligence and ponderation, so get inspired and reinspire your own life.



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Neautral And Moody Interior Inspiration
Create an intelligent living space with a strong character. Creame has gathered some moody interior inspiration ideas for a perfectly designed mystique.

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