Mug Art. For a Better Coffee Experience

Mug art. For a better coffee experience

Coffee break is a true example of all-in-all sensory experience. You taste the precious, well-brewed beverage and pleasantly inhale the odorant fumes, giving in to the beauty of a simple moment. It’s like an imaginary shortcut to coffee bean grow-covered mountain terrain somewhere in Brazil, where a proper mug art is an imperative part of a better coffee break experience.

Bon Iver’s Hut

Mug art. Mug artwork by Yulya Shironina

Wild symmetry #1” by Yulya Shironina

Okay, there’s no need to get into the romantic and desolate circumstances in which Justin Vernon strummed up his minimalist indie masterpiece. However, the isolation of a forest hut, where the amount of heat is directly dependent on how many logs you’ll throw into the stove, is one of the most extremely romantic prospects one could dream of. Here an appropriate mug is your source of inspiration, warmth, and harmony. Get the plaid on your shoulders and watch the morning sun chasing those fumes!

Student’s Delight

Mug art. Mug artwork by Leah Flores

Education” by Leah Flores

Finals, course papers and everything that any regular student hasn’t managed to submit within the prescribed terms can take their toll and take it pretty heavily. Consequently, coffee can and, most likely, will become a long-term substitute for water. Make sure to always pour it into a proper utensil, for it will be a mug art you’ll have to gaze at for days… and, let’s not fool ourselves, also nights.

The Next Chapter is Waiting
Mug art mug. Artwork by Virgola

Free” by Virgola

A nice cup of coffee right next to that magnificent book you just got lost inside in, is what the perfect Sunday is made of. Sitting in a reclined position on a knitted egg chair by a spacious window while sipping up a delicious macchiato is a perfect backing for entering the next chapter. And who knows, whether it’ll be just a new page in the book or in your life in general.

Artist’s Escape

Mug art. Mug artwork by Leah Flores

Escape X Alaska” by Leah Flores

After expressively splashing around buckets of paint in the manner of Pollock, a nice and warm cup of a freshly brewed mocha could come in handy. The peculiar smell of a freshly applied paint, together with a rich profusion of the vapor from the mug will set the stage for the creation of another large format masterpiece. A coffee break to extinguish an emotional wildfire.

Know Your Coffee

Mug art. Mug artwork by Yulya Shironina

Blue Beard” by Yulya Shironina

The last mug art kinda stands for the whole concept of coffee. Traditional, rich in taste and texture, with its roots extending well into the origins of the developed civilization. To appreciate the carefully made brewing is to appreciate the little, sophisticated  things we have practiced for centuries. To know your caffeine drink is to be complete, self-contained and to be aware of every aspect of one’s life.

One could actually view the act of a coffee break as the last remainings of a true ritual in the modern world routine. Our view is a much more simple one. Life is a more exciting thing if there’s a cup of coffee in your reach. Even more so, if the mug art is a one to fell for!


Article Name
Mug Art. For a Better Coffee Experience
Coffee break is a true example of all-in-all sensory experience. But, besides a well-brewed beverage, an appropriately beautiful mug art is simply a must!

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