New Day with New and Original Art Prints


This is rapidly turning into sort of a creative hot spot where too much is happening all at once. Not that it’s bad thing at all, it’s just that it’s really hard to grasp the rate of new artworks lining up, thus, we might not be able to do the justice for all the gem we truly have. However, it would be a miss on both sides to not report any of it. To begin a new day with and original art prints, here are a few picks to gladden your eyes.

Ale Giorgini

Original art prints. Ale Giorgini

“Kill Bill”

The contemporary wall art is all about cultural referencing and poking some well-intentioned fun at the commonly recognized pop culture phenomena. Ale Giorgini is what the fuss is all about in this case, for his tributes to some of the greatest cult classics (few hints – Wes Anderson, Tarantino, T.Gilliam) and today’s TV favorites are quirky little deeds of cool. His source of inspiration (the popular culture) is truly an inexhaustible one, so there’s definitely more original art prints to come! All eyes on Ale, the man who really is delivering!

Elisabeth Fredriksson

Original art prints. Elisabeth Fredriksson


Our relatively recent newcomer, Elisabeth Fredriksson is surely not stopping to take some breath. Her icon-based, beautifully simple and geometrically precise creative output is on fire now and we couldn’t possibly be more happy about it! The versatility, moderation, and the subtle humor are what every millennial strives to fill his/her’s apartment with. Coffee lovers and those with addictive tendencies towards geometric patterns! Elisabeth is the savior of you hut’s appeal! Current and HIP.

Leah Flores

Original art prints. Leah Flores

“Into the Wild”

On the top of her game, we also have some new editions by Leah Flores. The always fascinating Pacific North-West sceneries, combined with Leah’s wit considering the choice of fonts and the message written with them (that includes the title pic) never ceases to amaze, and the more one looks, the more it becomes clear. What Leah offers is a visual escapism where pine woods, mountain tops and coastlines topped with beautiful ideas we all recognize but cannot quite formulate, reminds us that there’s always a back-up. When all else fails, we can escape, explore or at least imagine doing both.

Chen Ju-Lin

Original art prints. Chen Ju-Lin

“Love to Cook”

Chen Ju-Lin meanwhile has become the official queen of cutsie cuddlies. Her collection of original art prints will squeeze out “awws” even from the most poker-faced of folks, for every one of her fluffy loves is as adorable as it gets. A little Zootopia if you like, Chen Ju-Lin has gathered Shibas, Huskies, Owls and Cats, drawing off-beat couples that will communicate with both the youngest and those who have already refused to believe that animals can talk. Colorful, delightful and possibly the best option for somebody’s first wall art.

Yoice Wan

Original art prints. Yoice Wan

“Thankful Little Fox”

Only a few really gifted people have the great knack to recognize how little is necessary to create huge things and transport the viewer to another place. Yoice Wan, fortunately, is one of them. With her ink and watercolor creations, Yoice creates mini-narratives that are centered around the character of Little Fox. Probably the best wall art choice for fall 2016, her creations boast an appealing color palette, enhancing only the best about the seasons to follow. These are artworks you simply want to look at for an indefinite period of time.

Gloria Sanchez

Original art prints. Gloria Sanchez

“Amor A Primera Vista”

And finally, we have our own laser blastin’ cat from the outer galaxies! Speaking about genuinely original art prints, Gloria Sanchez  has infused the list with a bit of high-energy nonsense, that’s consequently more meaningful than it deceitfully wants us to believe. A colorful and rather satirical view on what we eat up without much of a second-guessing, Gloria offers a very big and admirable Elvis incoming and a couple of gorgeous pin-up ladies over a Hollywoodian cityscape. If you endorse the retro pop culture in all of its B-movie glory, you simply have to endorse what Gloria offers!

And this is just the tiny bit of what’s there waiting for you!  

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New Day with New and Original Art Prints
To begin a new day with and original art prints, here are a few picks to gladden your eyes. For every room, age and taste!

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