New Year’s Artwork for Inspiration

The time is here and the feeling’s right! We can already count the hours till the biggest celebration of the year! An evening that’s drenched in champagne, but still boasts fireworks that knock Katy Perry’s socks off any time of the day! 

Creame is getting more impatient by every minute, but as the duty calls, it must be answered. Here’s yet another topic made to make your last day of 2015 properly inspiring!

Start it Up!

Leap wall artYou can start to fulfill your new year’s resolutions on the other side of the midnight. Prior to that, you have absolutely all the right in the world to go grand, chasing the best and the last party of the year! Oh, proud we are here, but by any criteria, this amazing wall art of woman during the dance of her life is truly a new year’s inspiration! A unique art print by a Creame artist who goes  by the letter combo of TAOJB portrays what every woman should experience, at least spiritually, on that magical night, before turning a new leaf!  A Carlessness that we must forgive, a spirit that penetrates the sky, explosive energy, and a grace to envy is conveyed to us in a wonderful package. Absorb it by looking or get it for the next year, whatever form you choose, let this striking wall art start you up! And, since you’ve been started up, we wish you’d never stop!

Sailing to the New Year

New Year's wall artThis one found itself here not only because of its pretty straight forward title. The dreamy atmosphere is one of a kind, reminding us that the secret of winter festive period is still going strong. Subtly touching that special string of inner childishness most of us still possess, this artwork is made by a Latvia-based artist Diana Rejina. Like with all of her miraculous artworks, she has once again managed to infuse it with a fairytale-like aesthetics. Every artwork that combines joy, sadness, sense of wonder and little sentiment, simply has to be acknowledged. Furthermore, the above-mentioned emotions really represent each passing year, so what would be 2016 without them? And, quite frankly, it’s really cute.

A Message to Keep in Mind for Every New Year

Live What You LoveEvery list of New Year’s resolutions is made with a certain goal in our minds. Putting it simply, that goal is to lead a life that we love, a life that is somehow better. However, the search for the perfect lifestyle by making “check” marks in our notes really doesn’t sound too inspiring. Therefore, you might actually cast aside something that really bothers you or physically damages your health, but at a certain point, one has to come to a revelation, that this is it and this is the moment. Loving your life in the future tense, loving the promises one have made to him/herself may lead to a life that’s more like a constant chase for tomorrow. Let it rest, live for now! It’s Creame artist Jose Bernabe, encouraging his kiddie and us to do the right thing with a simple, beautiful wall art piece.

Hungry Like a Wolf

Hungry wolf wall artAlmost like that classic “Duran Duran” hit. However, besides the fact this particular artwork captures the wolf we sometimes must become within ourselves to pursue success with an indefeasible appetite, it’s also a design trend that will successfully find it way while crossing the red line between 2015 and what follows. A mighty animal in its prime envisioned by the master that is Balazs Solti, it will look upon us in a form of an awesome t-shirt design, as a sophisticated art print on the wall and in many other different forms of environmental decor. We do realize that the “official” animal of 2016 will be the fiery monkey, and although such prospect sounds impressive, It’s a hard to dethrone this specimen of beauty and strength. Next year, don’t mind what those three little pigs taught you and let the wolf in for once!

Make it and Help it Happen

“Make a Wish”Make a wish wall art is an artwork made by a specialist in the minimalist cuteness. Virgola has once again proved that so little is needed to say big things and that a couple of lines in combination with the right colors can build a unique pathway to our hearts. New Year comes with a new summer and a new summer comes with the same, stary-sky August that we love. A little mat under the bottom and we’re ready to catch them all with our eyes!  When you see it falling, wish for it really strong and no resolution will be necessary for the next year’s conclusion!

Because Up is the Only Way to go from Now

Air balloon parade wall artThough it may seem like it’s the rush hour in the sky, you can look at these air balloons as the many hopes by people around you, set off to reach the sky. Somehow, between all of those gasbags, your explorer has to break through and reach the stratosphere of happiness! This time, the work’s done by Annisa Tiara Mutami and if you take a closer look, you can see the interesting pattern adorning them. Inspiring, colorful and classy wall art for those who dream big!



All of it Will Wake One Day

Walking softly And as the final new year’s artwork for inspiration, we’ve picked a scene of nature itself, walking its glorious path across the creation of her’s, blessing the same birds that fly over our heads. Another creation of Diana Rejina, this is a great representation of nature in its full, green-coated force, something that we’ll witness once again only in 2016. Radiating an almost Celtic quality, this mythical being is what we have ahead! Although the connotation with New Year’s celebration is not that obvious, it’s nevertheless an inspiring piece of art to own and draw strength for what’s coming!



That’s it

Give the best you got!

All that’s left is to meet and greet the new year properly, that is – no excess (though it depends on the situation) and no crying, only joy, a pack of friends and a superb champagne (and durability for you)! We wish enough fuel for the whole 366-day ride of 2016 and inspiration to follow you whenever and wherever! Happy New Year!


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New Year's Artwork for Inspiration
The time is here and the feeling's right! Celebrating the incoming 2016 with inspiring artworks for New Year's eve and what follows!

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