Make Your New Year’s Revolutions

Everybody’s talking about New Year’s resolutions, but only a few of us actually manage to fulfill them. To be honest, most of us usually drop the idea in the first couple of weeks after the night of champagne drinking, fireworks, and mostly unrealistic promises.

We offer to go one step further to break the usual habit. Starting from the day one, create a new space around you to initiate change within yourself! Instead or resolutions, make your New Year’s revolutions!

The Story of the Body

The story of our body

One of the most popular promises we usually make to ourselves on that magical night is the one that applies to our physical shape. We’re familiar with all those loud statements about regularly visiting gym from the first week of January or starting every morning with a nice 5km run. But when the first wave of the hangover has passed by we usually make a few changes in these plans. Gym attendance – starting from the next week, that rise and run thing – when it’ll get warmer. There’s no point in this buffoon. First of all, don’t make wishes if you’re at least 70% doubtful about fulfilling them. You’re only going to disappoint yourself. As for the New Year’s revolution, you’re free to make it. We encourage you to prove that the upper statement is wrong!  Make a bet with your friend, a one that will require you do give away a considerable amount of money, in case you will not start every morning with a 5km run, beginning with the 2nd of January (let’s be realistic about the 1st of January)!

Changing the Usual Environment

Changing the space around you is a rather banal advice, but a one that you should definitely accept. A clean, comforting environment that exists in a harmony with your inner self is a vital part of the bigger plan. Yeah, nothing new here, you have to turn your interior into a plentiful source of everyday inspiration! Start by motivating yourself with simple things, for example with an inspirational wall art that encourages not to give up under any circumstances! After all, this is not resolution, you’re in for a revolution! Start as fast as you can! We recommend beginning with this kitty to remind yourself about the power you possess, the power to change things. To finally open a new chapter for real!

Man in the Mirror

Becoming a better personNow about your emotional world. We admit that it’s a painful topic that possibly requires more mental stamina than the gym and the 5km run. Try to become a better person. It sounds kinda weird and cliche, but in the end – it’s not that hard. Think about at least five things you associate with a good person. Pick two of them and start to practice these new traits with the first day of the next year. Gradually, these new traits will serve as the base for a new persona, your persona of 2016! Give much, but take only reasonably, appreciate little things (another cliche formula that works surprisingly well) and try to not make anyone upset. Start with the man in the mirror, change his ways and soon your New Years revolution will turn out to be a wonderful experience!

Morning Phase

Woman relaxing in chairMorning is that phase of the day which pretty much sows the seeds for the rest of our daily flow. If it’s annoying, clumsy and you unintentionally pour cold water on your coffee, granted that the day will be a bit spoiled, to put it mildly. We recommend waking up a bit more early so that you would have some time for slow recreation. Another important thing is your mug. It should be beautiful and it should represent your character. Holding it while sipping your favorite beverage should be a pleasure in itself. It’s not a secret that we have some amazing options for your new beautiful mug. In fact, some of the awesome mugs here, have that special, coziness inducing quality, necessary for a comforting morning coffee/evening tea experience! And the sooner the better! How about the January the 2nd?

Learning Something New

Picking up guitar

Most of us have  duties that require us to be in  a constant state of alert. Therefore, most of us simply don’t have any spare time. It is hard to take up something new (a guitar or a painter’s brush) when we already have so little time for a simple rest, but new abilities make our lives richer and, after all, makes us more likable. To not turn this into another forgettable resolution, start to revolutionize your New Year now! Has a guitar available? Pick it up now and set a goal to learn a simple song to play for your friends on the New Years Eve! We can approve that some of the most popular melodies are actually manageable in 2-3 days! No guitar in sight? Pick up a painter’s brush, an empty canvas and give the latter your best shot! The end result might even become a gift for your loved one! We sincerely allow you to grab some ideas from our collection of wall art prints!

Helping Just Because

Helping is simple

We already mentioned that you should give much but take only reasonably. Before you step into the shoes of a volunteer (which is a more than respectable choice) you can actually help to make somebody’s New Year right now. Do a little research, check if there’s somebody in need for help and help them even with the tiny bit you can do in the situation. A person, animal, it doesn’t matter, helping somebody is what it’s all about. Just think about it, you may actually give somebody a chance to see the same fireworks you’ll witness on that special Eve! No pathos here, “revolutions” like that seriously makes our world a better place!


Change is now

Not all revolutions are bad and certainly not the personal ones. They clear out what’s old and belongs to the last year, make you focus on your goals and has a potential to make each New Year a completely unique experience! Creame recommends to revolutionize yourself, your surroundings (we can help here) and everything that you don’t consider to be representative of your inner self anymore! No New Year’s resolutions – only revolutions. Embrace the change! 

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Make Your New Year's Revolutions
Don't make New Year's resolutions, instead - make New Year's revolutions!

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