No Deo Here! Smells Like a Grunge Artwork!


What is loud, dirty and sweaty? While it might as well be your last bus ride to the countryside, we’re actually talking about something more culturally significant. We’re talking about the main antagonist of the brit pop, the movement that made you fell good about not taking a shower for a solid one week! It’s time to celebrate the 90’s renaissance, the ripped jeans and the loose sneakers, the Cobain’s scream and the distorted guitar tone! It’s time to celebrate grunge with an appropriate grunge artwork!


Grunge artwork. Artwork by My Dead Pony.

Pink Metal Noise” by My Dead Pony

With the lo-fi movement taking an ever-increasing dominance in the indie music market, a couple of its leading figures are nourishing what seems to be an obvious visual heritage from the grunge era. The most obvious one is definitely Ariel Marcus Rosenberg, better known as the magnificent Ariel Pink. A gender-bending Californian dream generator, walking and talking whenever and whatever the situation does not demand to. Unfortunately, his flamboyant demeanor tends to drop a huge shadow over his undeniably beautiful creative output. Shame, for his cover of the obscure Joe and Donnie Emerson’s blue-eyed soul oddity “Baby” is a thing to listen! “Pink Metal Noise” is our first selection, a one that fills the premise perfectly! It’s a grunge artwork with a hero/ine that is just so deliciously nasty and Ariel-like, we just want to smear our hair with a colorful substance, put on some trashy high-heels and shred the heck out of those two chords we know! A grunge artwork at its nastiest

Dream Pop Influenza

Grunge artwork. artwork by Ali Gulec.

Cool Cat” by Ali Gulec

Okay, this is, of course, an entirely different thing from the music genealogy point of view. However, there’s this guy with the peculiar stage name of Mac Demarco. He’s by the definition a chill, a guy with whom the problem seems to be impossible. His dreamy guitar tone invokes the complete sleazy millennial attitude while the pseudo 90’s aesthetic in his music videos is awesome, funny and weirdly nostalgic. All the 90’s rugrats will dig his style, though, behind mountains of empty pizza boxes and smashed beer cans, one could actually consider him a complicated postmodernist. A postmodernist who exploits the trashiest parts of consumerist culture, riding a grunge wave with a pair of worn out sneakers while dancing to Haddaway’s “What is Love” in his underwear during the show’s encore. If that’s not the grunge (at least its funniest facet), then nothing is. “Cool Cat” by Ali Gulec got the story right, for if you spare some time to check Demarco’s music video collection, you’ll recognize the vibe! Let’s say that the art direction here is a cheap fast food bistro with a working smoke machine inside.

Bride in the Leather Boots

Grunge artwork. Artwork by My Dead Pony.

Ice Princess” by My Dead Pony

Another great pattern messing by My Dead Pony. Isn’t that like the most amazing sentence ever? Okay, this girl is all around us. She’s on the streets, blasting Grimes in her earphones. She has a more or  less ordinary dress with a pair of platform leather boots beneath it. She’s the urban princess, one of the millions. And her appearance, perhaps without the girl being aware of it, has deep-seated roots in the grunge culture of early 90’s! The burning rainbow hair thing, the dad’s plaid shirt over a white tank top and a knitted beanie on the top. That’s what the real grunge girl is all about! This exemplary by My Dead Pony puts the girl in a wedding dress with a backdrop of the Moscow’s Red Square. Rad this is, grunge artwork this is! Grunge with a spice of  Russian orthodox ornamentation.

   Rossi’s Grunge
Grunge artwork. Artwork by Giulio Rossi.

Geometry” by Giulio Rossi

Sure, for the lady with the pierced nose is another example of the grunge’s iconography. Look at that gaze! That’s some real “Here we are now, entertaining!” nihilism right there! The only sort of a diverting aspect is the rather folkish pattern behind, although you always have to keep it cool and, at this particular age, it means combining the best of your garage band fashion and the ethnic appeal of your Instagram paradise – the countryside. Once again, the visuals here are something that’s happening in every third music video on every third indie music oriented Youtube channel. Grunge purists, though, may throw trash for a pick like this because the undeniable glam vibe is still very much present. They won’t, however. Trash is a valuable resource of theirs.

Early 90’s Cartoon Brutality

Grunge artwork. Artwork by TAOJB.

Aim” by TAOJB

With a subtitle like that, we may actually have opened doors to a wide variety of artworks available on our page (trust us, we have a plenty of cartoonish characters!). However, that is not surprising, considering that the colorful kitch of Aeon Flux is experiencing a blast of a comeback! Here we have a cyberpunkish lady, ready to smoke the unstoppable mech striving in her direction (sounds like Hideo Kojima’s daydream). The grunge hides in the early 90’s MTV feeling this artwork manages to deliver. The buckle strap boots, the torn apart dress and the electric hair. Take away the canon, and it’s another party night at Seattle during the summer of 1991. Grungy!

Like every other style comeback, the revival of the grunge culture is the same old thing in a brand new drag. However, it is only welcomed, for this is how we mark what’s really important with some gorgeous 21-st century additions! Creame stands for everything that’s beautiful even if it’s a trashy to the extremes grunge artwork!

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No Deo Here! Smells Like a Grunge Artwork!
It’s time to celebrate the 90’s renaissance the ripped jeans and the loose sneakers, the Cobain’s scream and the distorted guitar tone! It’s time to celebrate grunge with an appropriate grunge artwork!

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