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Summer Accessories With a Touch of Watercolour

Summer is in full bloom and the time is now to discover what Creame has to offer. Our army of super creative talents is growing larger and larger by the day. Some artists are just THE trendsetters for summer 2016, from black and white doodles to ultra-realistic portraits of celebs – we have it all. Yet one has caught my eye for her enticing illustrations – [click to continue]

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Kid's room art

Kid’s Room Art II

The wish of the little one, whether we like it or not, usually becomes our command. However, everything has its limits. There’s no denying it would be a pretty hard affair to turn the fortress of your little guy into a fully functional space shuttle, or the hairdressing salon of a little lady into a working Butterfly Studio so this option does not arise. [click to continue]

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Creating a Colourful Home

A home that is warm and welcoming is by far the greatest achievement in interior design. It must be functional yet also aesthetically pleasing, so that when you do come home, you can just lie down and forget about everything that’s been on your mind all day. [click to continue]

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Creame summer art camp

Creame Summer Art Camp

This is not the regular “sing-a-song by a campfire” kind of a thing. Summer art camp stands for our conviction that taste and personality are the two things worth carrying around regardless of which season has set in or which geographical region one inhabits at a given moment. [click to continue]

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Coffee Shop Inspired Decor By Elisabeth Fredriksson

Coffee shops are a place to get your favourite brew and enjoy the quiet hum and buzzing of the urban jungle. They’re a place to relax and contemplate, gliding into a deep state of ponderation or meeting up your besties and catching up on each other’s lives’. Nevertheless, coffee shops have that particular vibe and feeling. It’s not the same as having coffee at home, but you can try to emulate it by getting some coffee shop inspired decor. [click to continue]

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