Parisian Interior Inspiration For 90 Days Of Summer


Summer has begun with a bang. European cities have been swelling with heat and people have been trying to get the most out of the warm sunny days. But as Europe now hits a cold cyclone period, take some time to enjoy a Creame post completely devoted to a Parisian interior inspiration whirl that will bring that special La Vie en Rose in your own life.

Paris is the city of love, romance, love and…some more love. It’s a magical place where the Eiffel Tower follows you on every step of your way and an accordion is playing no matter the circumstance or location. The city is best enjoyed during summer, autumn, winter and spring, day and night and night and day. But I warn, indulge with caution, or the frupids (French cupids) will hit you hard with their pink arrows of love.

Parisian Interior Inspiration – Qu’est-ce que c’est?

OK, so Paris. So what makes a Parisian apartment Parisian? It’s quite an elusive question because there really are no strict rules or guidelines of what a Parisian apartment looks or feels like. However clearing the ambiguity we could define some pointers to help you create that special French spot in your home.

#1 Creamy, Subtle, Relaxing and Soft Colours. 

This is the biggest thing that really makes a 6th floor Paris penthouse apartment Parisian (although of course there are exceptions to any rule). The French really know how to envelop everything softly and gently without it looking boring.


Notice the parqueted floors with the distinct creamy oak colour – soft and humble, yet strong in texture and form.

#2 Parisians Are Big On Artwork

Parisians like to mix it up, minimalism is never an option, because frankly it lacks flare and emotion. That is why for some Parisian interior inspiration you should acquire a couple of your favourite things and show them off.


If you’d like to find a canvas that befits any interior design style you are going for, with some items especially fitting for that Parisian interior inspiration then check out our Creame homepage for artists of all styles, colours and auras. Afternoon Tea by Emma Cheng and Traveler by kowei would be amazing counterparts to balance those mellow Parisian hues whilst still giving a bright saturated bang!

#3 Have Your Morning Croissants On Your Own Bistro Table

What screams Paris more than a bistro table placed conveniently under the shade of the boulevard trees with fresh croissants and coffee to enjoy? If you really want to get that French feel in your apartment, I suggest you get some authentic stuff (quirky possibly) to create an atmosphere of creativity and bewilderment.


#4 Create Your Own Library

Now this ain’t a tip that’s out of the extraordinary, nor is it très Parisian to have a library of your own, but nonetheless it will add to any interior a certain spark and a smidge of intelligence and creativity.


# Annisa Tiara Utami Creates Creamy And Delicious Artwork

Happiness and Sugar High are lovely pieces that fuse minimalism with cartoon-like characteristics and personifications. The sweetly saturated colours lean towards a warm embrace and will give vibrance to any room. Best combined with soft colours, low in saturation and intensity, e.g., pale navy blue, serenity, light grey, etc. Check out more of Annisa’s work to understand the artist better.


#5 Pay Attention to Every Detail

No wonder the saying: “The Devil is in the detail” is so frequently heard. Pay attention to every nook and cranny, because small changes may alter the whole look & feel of the interior. And especially when you are going for some Parisian interior inspiration – be sure to place everything neatly and accordingly to create a harmonious space.




#6 Take Inspiration And Make It Your Own 

Your home is all about you and your loved ones. To create a home that is not just beautiful to live in, but also wonderful to return to after any kind of day – is a rather long and sometimes even difficult task. That is why you should be patient and creative in making a nest that will suit your every need and desire.

See if Creame can help you in your journey, you won’t believe how great our galleries of canvasses and castles of pillows are!

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Parisian Interior Inspiration For 90 Days Of Summer
Get some Parisian interior inspiration ideas from Creame for your 90 days of summer and see how you can transform your flat into a Paris penthouse.

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