Rainy Day Art. The 2nd Selection

Rainy Day Art

This was inevitable. Although we’ve already expressed our love towards the beautiful summertime drizzling, a quick run-through our archives sparked inspiration for yet another rain-laved short. This is the rainy day art, art for those who appreciate the sweet ticking on the windowsill, a nice and reasonable dose of petrichor and the art which initiates thought –  slow, reflective and beautiful.

Time Ticks

Rainy day art. Artwork by Annisa Tiara Utami

Out of Time” by Annisa Tiara Utami

We already mentioned the strange, natural metronome, provided by the constant dripping on the outside. Well, as the  rain washes the dust away, you have your precious minutes to rethink the general strategy. “Out of Time” by Annisa does not provide any answers, but definitely sets the stage for an inquiring contemplation. Time really do turns elastic during the physically and emotionally soaked moments of pleasure, initiating a tranquil mood and allowing you to redeem what’s done and done for a rather bad effect. All of it is understandable, all of it is deeply humane.

If You Cannot be Outside, Create Inside

Rainy day art. Artwork by Virgola

Modigliani” by Virgola

Beautiful and melancholy infusing as it is, rain can also set many limitations to your daily activities. You can, of course, let it rain all over you, singing and dancing right on the street, splashing out the puddle on you significant other. Or you can stay inside, boil up some Dragonwell green tea and indulge yourself into an artistic exploration, creating your own rainy day art. Paint up what the rain guides you to, put a slow and dreamy backbeat to your exercises with the brush, and witness how you innermost emotion acquires shape and shade. Virgola’s “Modigliani” is your role model here. Tame colors, light strokes! Just like the life should be.

Dream Up Your Journey

Rainy day art. Artwork by Annisa Tiara Utami

A Journey in My Dream” by Annisa Tiara Utami

The best fairy tale time is the rainy day afternoon when the post-dinner laziness strikes softly and the couch seems to be almost inadequately comfortable. Lay down, and let your loved one carry you over the seven seas using only the available vocabulary. Sleep well and dream up the mountain high reachable only by the air balloon, envisioned by Annisa’s talent, and fueled by your belief! The rain outside will stand in for the silent chant in the background, a chant that’ll open doors to this purplish, cloud engulfed terrain of peaks. Is there a better place than what we see in this example of a rainy day art? No, if there’s enough space for your loved ones in that basket!

Pretty in the Rain

Rainy day art. Artwork by Dailing Su

Pretty Girl” by Dailing Su

Dailing’s monochromatic expressions are instantly recognizable, for their dig deep and challenges one’s traditional perception of prettiness. However, being pretty in a special way is, you know, special, so what we’re dealing with here, is a complete and utter out of the box delicacy. The black bob is cast aside so that the lady in the rain could give us the radiating gaze. Rain becomes the most romantic backdrop where the young love is born and watered to rise big and strong. “Pretty Girl” will make every minimalist landscape (may it be a two-tone section of a wall)  even prettier providing a pleasant shade of otherness. And otherness is the second nature of Dailing’s creative output.

Leah’s Cozy Time

Rainy day art. Artwork by Leah Flores

Curious” by Leah Flores

Bringing in that cozy, holiday-in-the-loghouse vibe is one of Leah Flore’s superpowers. Her North Pacific sceneries bear an incredible sense of adventure and distant opportunity while also managing to properly represent the epic scale of the untamed North American landscape. They’re also the perfect addition to a rustic-inspired interior aesthetic, serving as a nice embellishment for the wall below a section of string lights. A rainy day art that truly justifies the somewhat odd, weather clad designation. Just add a couple of candles and place a good old six string in the corner. And now let the rain wash the roof of your cozy outskirt hut. Listen to the natural flow of drops and you may learn how to hear the ultimate live performance!  

Article Name
Rainy Day Art. The 2nd Selection
Summer drizzling is a thing to love. This is the rainy day art, art for those who can stand the rain against their window and the sweet smell of petrichor!

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