Riga Fashion Week – Release Your Creativity With Creame


Riga Fashion Week – the most prestigious fashion spectacle in Latvia will be taking place from March 30th until April 4th and Creame will not be holding back one bit. We will be the main sponsors with fresh and exclusive designs to show off.

Creame | Riga Fashion Week 

Release your creativity and forget about one single pre-established subculture. Creame’s presentation will inspire you to enjoy the pure visual diversity and will encourage you to embrace the eccentric and cross-cultural blend. The presentation of Creame’s product line is a result of an international cooperation between a wide array of illustrators any of which might become one of your favorite! Make a choice yourself – customize your lifestyle with your own art or choose one of the Creame’s designs made by the international artists to complement your style.

Big things are happening here at Creame, we are meticulously preparing for Riga Fashion Week, sponsoring the event means a lot of collaboration with everyone who’s involved and doing the best to bring YOU the best show possible. Creame will also be having its own Creame Booth – to give each and everyone of the fashion week attendees a good idea of who we are and what we do! We will be offering special gifts and prizes, so if you’re coming to Riga Fashion Week, make sure you check us out.

Creame will soon be launching something big. With the motto “Release Your Creativity” we will be offering customers something unseen before. You will be able to customize your artwork print designs yourself and then produce it with our high fidelity printers. This means that you will have the creative power to produce a design yourself and implement it with our configurators and really produce a phone case, cushion, canvas, mugs, etc. with your own design!

Riga Fashion Week

This year Riga Fashion Week will be containing also kids’ fashion on the catwalk. Aristocrat Kids – A Royal Tale is a kids fashion label offering luxurious handmade collections for girls from 2 to 12 years old, suitable both for special occasions and an aristocratic everyday life.


This Riga Fashion Week season’s debut will be Tanti the fashion brand based in Riga. Its collections are based on elegant forms and innovative lines in classic design. The brand’s aim is to create long-lasting fashion that stays contemporary for several seasons.


Riga Fashion Week will be showcasing some of the top Latvian fashion brandsNatalija Jansone, Anna Led, AmoralleNARCISS, Katya Katya Shehurina, NOLO, MAREUNROL’S, ALEXANDRA WESTFAL, In by Inga Nipane, One Wolf & QooQoo.  With an array of such creative inspiration, it would be folly to miss the event.

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Riga Fashion Week - Release Your Creativity With Creame
Creame is sponsoring Riga Fashion Week, so release your creativity and forget about one single pre-established subculture.

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