Rural HIP! Rustic Interior Design Ideas

Rustic Interior Design Ideas. Artwork by Sofia Bonati.

The rustic interior design trend has been going on and going big for quite a while so we’re finally grabbing on to the hot thing. From its subtle beginnings as a hipster-oriented excess of rusty-looking wooden decor, it’s now being widely accepted by the mainstream audience. It’s a very appealing way to decorate your surroundings, something that sets in a cozy and harmonic, country side like ambiance and actually encourages the use of recycled interior material! Here are some, presumably, useful rustic interior design ideas!

Combining the Best of Rural, Industrial, and Indie

Rustic Interior Design Ideas. Artwork by Sofia Bonati.

Wall art – “Lisa” by Sofia Bonati

  • Regarding rustic interior design ideas, It would be only appropriate if we would advise you to keep your vintage bicycle inside your apartment! It would only increase the “rustic” appeal you’re striving for. If anything antique-looking (preferably – 19th/early 20th century) gets in your way, be sure to turn it into your property
  • Old chests, floral irons, iron candle holders, and a lot of rusty metallic elements will work like a charm. Simply add some old books (which you want everybody to believe you’ve read), baskets with firewood, antique clocks (tall case and small case) and maybe an old-fashioned barometer!
  • About the “indie” aspect. Careful synthesis of old and modern in the foundation of the rustic interior design solution. Austere light bulbs or led lights here and there, as well as some modern minimalist shelving from a raw wood, are essential to decent, rustic aesthetics! In a countryside-like interior, a bed place made from pallets will sit in quite nicely! Just pick some light bulbs on wires and hang them over your sleeping corner! A little dissonance created by a cutting-edge wall art may also work out really nice!

Floral Elements

Rustic Interior Design Ideas. Artwork by Dailing Su.

Wall art – “Dali and Miro” by Dailing Su

An important element in the cosmos of the rustic interior is everything that begs for a vase. Preferably, anything that looks dry! Among an old bouquet of roses, a composition of old branches, reaching out from an antique vase (maybe even a bit cracked on a side) that’s situated on the floor is a great design solution in your strive for the complete rustic experience. Place a basket of spare pillows (knitted, with a rural appeal) in case there’s an unexpected party by the candlelight!

Let the Exterior Come in!

Rustic Interior Design Ideas. Artwork by Sofia Bonati.

Wall art – “Verona” by Sofia Bonati

This one is aimed solely at the furnishings. If there is an old park bench nobody needs, give it a second chance! Do some little (really no too scrupulous) repairing and place it in the kitchen. Or cut off the upper part and make in-house swings, using antique-looking rope (or rusty chains, if you like). The born-once-again bench can be attached to the wall of your living room, where during the daily routine it would function as a low shelf while it would serve as a spare seat on the occasion of a spontaneous party. But that’s not where it ends. If you have an opportunity to get one those really old well buckets (preferably with a rope), you can place it next to the masonry fireplace. Or you may fill it with earth and plant some herb in it, with rope carefully composed around the bucket! Unpractical, but looks awesome.


Rustic Interior Design Ideas. Artwork by Virgola.

Mug on the left – “Fall” by Virgola

In the context of rustic interior design ideas, this is a pretty broad concept. For some, rustic tableware means a lot of clay dishes boasting all sorts of reddish hues. For others, it means military aesthetics or rather – military austerity. Bowls that might as well be used by your dog and mugs that an explorer would wear attached to his backpack. On a rustic recycled french oak table, both versions would look really awesome, though. So what’s left is to revise your attic in a search for old kitchen appliances! Then look up some of those iron baskets, where you could place your baguettes in while keeping a thought about retro spice trays and pepper grinders in your mind! These will form the tableware composition while the table is not actively used. For enthusiasts, there’s always a chance to install a retro stove!

Scratch Your Windows!

Rustic Interior Design Ideas. Artwork by Dailing Su

Wall art – “Fiance” by Dailing Su

Now were are going to extremes. Of course, nobody would like to free-willingly do this kind of a thing, but, if it’s done carefully and with knowledge, the results can be really mesmerizing! Scratch the color here and there, and then apply some really thin layer of color with your spatula! Those who tried to stop you before will be left with their mouths open!

The rustic interior design is eclectic, with an obvious leanings towards an eco-friendly lifestyle. Most of what’s around is constructed from a natural matter. It seems worn by the time, simple, and, in most cases, is actually a handcrafted thing. In many ways, it’s a flawless way to dress your surroundings!

 P.S The bathtubbing beauty in the title picture – “Hydra” by Sofia Bonati

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Rural HIP! Rustic Interior Design Ideas
The rustic interior design is an eclectic, eco-friendly and really interesting way to dress your surroundings! Here's some material for thought!

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