Some Tasty Kitchen Interior Solutions

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Clearly, in our age, the kitchen is no more just a sterile place in which our favorite food is being processed. Instead of having a factory-like presence, it has become something of an inspirational shrine of meal creation, where artistic endeavor and exciting experimentation have become vital ingredients of the gastronomical adventure. The kitchen is one the most important parts of our living space, therefore, it truly deserves its own, very special and appetite evocative design! Let’s go on with some exciting kitchen interior solutions!

Those Little, Important Things

If your kitchen is withheld in a sweet creamy hue that makes it appear airy, don’t be afraid to throw around some colorful accents! Bursts of color here and there will provide a vibrant sensation that will simply make your kitchen look more interesting. Beware not to overdo, though, otherwise, it will look like Greek salad and by that we are not trying to offend the salad (Greeks really knew what they were doing), but to encourage not to go out-of-the-taste-bounds!

And if you want to surprise…

Try to paint the inside of your shelves and cabinets in a surprisingly cheerful hue! For example, if the dominant color is white, paint the inside of a cabinet orange! This will positively break the regularity!

If you Want to be the Ambassador of Postmodernism


Striving for a more industrial feel

Then go completely against what we said in the first paragraph! On the contrary, make your kitchen     regular, withheld in a monochromatic theme, with pans     and pots hanging around like a factory equipment. Make your kitchen feel industrial, it will provide a cool kitsch and eventually turn your cookhouse into a postmodern experience! Add some baskets with fresh vegetables around the place (maybe just change them from time to time) and it will look like an old fashioned kitchenette where the gastronomical magic happens!

Mixing Patterns and Colors Like your Food ingredients!

From tasteful chic to risky color blending, everything can be made to look appealing! Here we have some recipes that might work out very well for you!

Airy and white. An all-white kitchen coloring will look amazing if you’re lucky enough to live by the seaside. Together with the calmness of white, beachside will provide an amazingly peaceful ambiance! If the beach does not appear to be there, a nice substitute could be a big, beautiful wall art portraying it!

bright and airy approach

Colorful and Intensive. Corny as this might appear, this is actually like a master’s degree level of design solutions. To make it look positively wacky, but collected at the same time is a thing for the brave, therefore, a mix of different colors and decor elements (textures on walls, vases, old bottles with melted candles, globes or stylized photo canvas prints) will not work out for everybody. Just like making a funny and interesting movie character, creating a quirky kitchen design is a top-notch act!

We now all there is to know about the color game:

  • A galley-formed kitchen looks amazing with vivid, almost neon-like coloring of the cabinets! For example, shades of blue and orange is a great combo! The “sea colors” of blue, green and white can help the wonder happen!
  • Hints of a sea foam green are really attractive while shades of red will add warmth and coziness. Alternatively, you can hit the fan with an intensive and all-around turquoise coloring!
  • For the high-class ladies and gentlemen – shades of gray in action! These shades really work great for an ascetic and futuristic designs that radiate the quality of kitchen appliances and Swiss knives on the cutting board! Add a yellow nuance (in this case – a nice wall art decor)  somewhere for a surprisingly tasteful result!

fifty shades of nice kitchen

  • Bold, one color usage. This is a huge risk and highly depends on the individual taste. Some might actually love a completely black kitchen space while some might feel oppressed. To compromise, you can try a certain shade of blue, so that it wold be harder to miss


These things can give your kitchen a real character! A single wall in your all-white cook room can be “shattered” with Tetris-like patterns of red and black. In fact, these patterns can actually be the edges of your open shelving. The most creative solution could be a pattern that is engraved in the wall while the other one turns out to be the black edge of your floating shelf! The wall ornamentation behind your cooking table could consist of stylized salt and pepper shakers and spice mills, all of them in a black or dark brown graphic design. Here a series of acrylic images, organized in a square form and depicting the same cooking equipment could fit in superbly!

Eclectic approach


old meets new and the other way around

A kitchen is not only a great place for exercises in cuisine, it is also a great space for experimentation with style synthesis. A stainless steel refrigerator can stand along dark, wooden table planes, while a 19th-century candelabrum can make up for the center of the room! Traditional can be mixed with modern, thus, an antiquarian cooking table can find itself under a couple of modern turquoise lighting elements! A nice, but, unfortunately, costly approach, is to bring in some 50s vibe! That means and accordingly packaged TV set, refrigerator, and other appliances. Technically advanced, but with a retro skin on!

Inspired Cooking


Kitchen1Gastronomical pleasure is one of the greatest pleasures imaginable. And the preparation process  has already become somewhat of an artistic sensation. The distinct aroma, the addition of spice and all kinds of herbs in a strive for that great lick-your-fingers destination! Taking into account that most of us don’t have the precious time for such an extravaganza, every opportunity to try on the cook amplua should become a special occasion! Only naturally, the place where this culinary alchemy is happening should be as inspiring as possible! Like an artist’s studio, it should be filled with the right spirit for the best sensory experience! In case you like some of the ideas, you should check out the Creame repertoire of amazing wall art motifs, some of which are perfectly suitable for the kitchen environment, regarding their color palette and facture. Two things that are also characteristic to a great meal!

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