Still life with some Calming Artwork

still life with calming artwork

Where does all the restlessness of the daily routine gets tamed and forgotten? In a neatly decorated living space, of course. Here we are entering a territory of modesty and quietness, throwing a short tour through the hues and designs that in no way could provoke unease or agitate your senses. These are series of still-life interiors, enhanced with some calming artwork from the most delicate end of our stock.

Ordering Croissants in Your Hallway

calming artwork. Elisabeth Fredriksson

 “Words Cannot Espresso” by Elisabeth Fredriksson

Most of the coffee shops and regular cafes around the Western European hemisphere have spared us with quite a few tips on how to decorate our places for a similarly snug appearance. The manual is a straightforward one. Look up a nice replica of an iron-made bistro table to bring in some of the informal French tavern settings. Set up a section of a chalkboard wall to make a beautiful hand-drawn weekly menu on, and add the final piece of the puzzle with the Eames plastic side chair replica. Most of the items can be acquired pretty inexpensively these days while the chalkboard wall solution might even turn out to be a considerably less costly option than the conventional tapestry. Other than that, a fitting artwork by Elisabeth Fredriksson will come in handy for a complete Le Cafe Popote vibe!

Afternoon Ease


“Melancholy” by Yulya Shironina

Keeping it up with our premise of tranquil, stress-reducing environment, we present you with this afternoon bliss. A calming artwork for a calming spot turns this lounge into a modern day sanctuary, where the book lies left after the last interruption by the workweek. The predominant orchid pink and the recurrent white comprise an effeminate and spiritually enlightened ambiance, perfect for reducing any kind of anxiety while not subduing your creativity completely. There’s not much there and that’s exactly why it works so well resulting in a space that’s just too hard to leave.

Baby Cool

calming artwork. Annisa Tiara Utami

“Floating” by Annisa Tiara Utami

Not so long ago we already set our sights on the nursery-themed interior and the respective artwork solutions. This is a small, but nevertheless awesome remnant of the theme, once again approving that your baby has every right to grow up with style. The chalkboard wall is back in action, this time mostly for ergonomic purposes (so that the rugrat could unveil his inner Rembrandt without financial losses) with the cradle endowing the much needed vintage aspect. Just a piece from Annisa Tiara Utami (learning to fly from the early on), and you have the nursery room of 2016 – vast, crammed and opened to a harmonious development of the little one.

Comfy Kingdom

calming artwork. Elisabeth Fredriksson

“Hello Sunshine” by Elisabeth Fredriksson

An aesthetically fitting, well-made cushion is already a 50% contribution to a quality rest. Add a solid bedding, brightly lit surroundings and you got the place for a total weekend recoil, this time featuring the unmistakable iconography by Elisabeth Fredriksson. Light, inconspicuous and encouraging, her artwork motivates to both surrender for a well-earned rest and to jump into a dynamic movement of a creative action. Elisabeth has effectively provided us with a calming artwork that sparks initiative at the same time!

Ready for Zen

calming artwork. Elisabeth Fredriksson

“Balance” by Elisabeth Fredriksson

The final one borrows a lot from the tranquility usually present in the oriental-inspired interior designs. Clear lines, clean cut, robust wooden elements, and an obvious strive for an assonance with the omnipresent natural equilibrium. All of it in a search for a higher state of being where the ancient recipes of peace blend together with the modern premise of sophistication. And, of course, an inspiring artwork, once again, by one of our fresh talents – Elisabeth Fredriksson. A truly calming artwork this time around, it sets the stage for a meditative experience and, judging by the surface are of that safari chair, it may be actually physically possible.

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Still life with Calming Artwork
Let the restlessness be tamed. These are series of still-life interiors, enhanced with calming artwork from the most delicate end of our stock.

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