Stranger Things. Halloween Art Warm-up


Judging by the considerable fandom, Stranger Things seem to be like a long-awaited gift from heaven. Fusing together the best of 80’s sci-fi flicksand referencing the many forms of screen horror from the same decade, the series has a contagious retro charm that’s garnished in a modern, fast-paced, yellow-toned cinematography. While waiting for the second season of the latest Netflix phenomenon and celebrating the incoming All Hallows’ Eve, Creame has prepared a set of Halloween art – original and reasonably disturbing. Watch Out!

Gmork’s Sibling

Halloween art. Mladen Vracaric


Cutting out with the Neverending Story reference, this is a real fairy tale nemesis standing right there. Waiting at the dead end of a treacherous forest track, it offers two, rather grim options. Either one disappears in the thick, slimy swamp or becomes the guy’s dinner. That is if you don’t have Eleven by your side, of course.

The X-Files Whistle

Halloween art. Gloria Sanchez


Christ how many pants were scared off as the infamous intro theme of the series infested the living rooms with a sense of invisible danger lurking everywhere…and mainly in the pitch black sky. The vast majority of X -files antagonists usually were of an extraterrestrial origin, thus, it’s no wonder our own exemplary appears to come directly from the Roswell crash site. As the lightning strikes, we can only guess the guy’s intentions.

Good Ol’ Zombie

Halloween art. Ale Giorgini


What would be a Halloween Art selection without a good ol’ zombie delegation making an appearance? The Walking Dead, just like its somewhat spiritual sibling, Stranger Things, is a standing proof that TV series alone are capable of reviving an entire genre. When they come from people who truly invest their hearts in the job, of course. Brain dead goons, lingering and rattling… The streets will be full of them during the night of the 31st the October.

All Eyes on Desert!

Halloween art. Daniel Pena (DIUON)


A classic horror scenario where a seemingly delicious table with all of its goodies turns into a menu from hell in a blink of an eye. Spaghetti dish suddenly turns into a giant swarm of earthworms, cookies grow legs and go into a frenzy over the table whilst the cherry topping of the cake turn into a pile of eyeballs, spinning and gazing right through the attendant’s soul. The jelly still seems to be edible, though.

Long Time Ago, in that Forest…

Halloween art. Elisabeth Fredriksson


There’s always a forest you can’t (or are not recommended to) enter. There’s always a terrible secret within this forest nobody wants to disclose on their own skin. There’s always a sheriff who suspects something and may even be somehow related to the villain yet he refuses to believe that something supernatural might be going on. And there’s always a group of kids who will surprise their adult counterparts by investigating and unfolding the government secret. Sounds familiar.

The Most Beautiful Skull

Halloween art. Francisco Valle


Nothing wrong with skulls, as long as they’re formed by a swarm of pink butterflies. We finish off this little Halloween art selection with one of the most cliche Halloween symbols. The grinning reaper’s headset, becoming alive and ready to laugh its irritating laugh right in the face of the unsuspecting. For what it’s worth, this figure is an irreplaceable part of the aura.

More skulls, fantastic beasts, spectacular creatures and other, even stranger things, can be found here!

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Stranger Things. Halloween Art Warm-up
Celebrating the incoming All Hallows’ Eve, Creame has prepared a set of Halloween art - original and reasonably disturbing. Watch Out!

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