String Lights Decor Ideas For The Spotless Mind


String lights give a gravity of comfort and warmth to the most habitual places. They play with the surrounding shadows and create a masquerade of colour.They work perfectly with any interior design element enhancing its unique features and characteristics. To get the best string lights decor ideas we have searched far and wide and found some pretty inspiring stuff.

There are a plethora of ways to decorate your living quarters and to make them glow during the darkest hours. String lights provide an easy formula for complete success, it reads as follows:

  1. buy awesome string lights
  2. choose a place where to put them
  3. switch ’em on
  4. get inspired

String Lights Decor Ideas

#1 String lights for the minimalist

For a minimalistic string lights decor approach just place them vertically upwards – easy to install and very beautiful to look at. I advise putting an another decor element alongside the lights in order to accentuate and harmonize the two pieces together. For a simple whitewashed wall, Purple Ling’s artwork will definitely work its magic. She has saturated and very colourful pieces. With a cartoon-like style, she embraces pastel tones (few are monochromatic) and full-bodied emotions.


Be Different by Purple Ling

#2 Make your string light float in the air

This requires a lot more patience and time, and imagination, but making your string lights float in the air would create a fairy-tale like dream room. It’s a lot harder than just  putting your lights vertically upwards, however, it is a lot more satisfying to walk into you living quarters and see how it has been transformed into a magical place. In the case of fixating your string lights from the ceiling – I advise to leave the walls less occupied with decor items, you do not want to overload the room with “stuff” and make it seem heavy.


#3 Decorate a place where you habitually sit

One of the sleekest places to put you string lights decor is your desk (in this case any single place which you habitually visit). Why? Because string lights are an easy-maintenance decor element that bring so much to the whole atmosphere of the place. Basically, they are just small diodes that emit light, but they turn the a spot into a playful, cozy and warm home which will definitely serve as an idyllic inspirational element. Add some artwork like Type It to the place and boom, you get instant success in the whole mood of the room.


Type It by Iker Muro


“Type it” is a greyscale work that utilises many typefaces to create the 1960s – 80s influenced piece.  A bit reminiscent of Apple’s pioneering days it will bring a special novelty feel to any room and would work best in an office or a study.

#4 Pick an accurate warmth of the string lights

This is one of the most important factors, if not the most important when choosing the ideal string lights decor for your home. Pick wisely the warmth of the light, in other words, you need to be aware if the light is warm, neutral or cold. A warm white is perfect for cozy places that embrace a half-lit area, like coffee shops or pubs, they are also pleasing in bedrooms where the warmth of the light cradles your tired eyes to sleep.


Coming Home by Diana Renjina

A neutral white is something in between warm and cold, it is neutral because it does not give off a specific tone, but rather an “invisible” feeling. It is adequate in most cases, you can use it in either the living room, bedroom, in your study – basically wherever.

On the other hand, cold white has a blueish tinge to its glow and it brings about the sensation of chilliness. It is very well suited with cold or neutral coloured walls such as white, black, any shade of blue, gray, violate, etc. I do not advise mixing cold white with warm colours such as white as it can interfere with the mood and bring about a very confusing result. However, the best thing to do in these decor dilemmas is  to go with your instinct. Really, just release your creativity and play with every shadow and every diode.

Here at Creame, we may not be selling any string lights, be we do have an amazing collection of artwork prints that will give your string lights that extra mood.

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String Lights Decor Ideas For The Spotless Mind
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