Sunny Vibes with Sunny Art!

Sunny Vibes with Sunny Art.

Your perfect vacation set is not a million dollar question anymore. As it is now clear that the spring is here to stay only to pave the way for the summer later on, everything you’re striving to own has to be uplifting, gleeful and elated. Creame has prepared a great selection of goodies, sunny art, that will kick-off your sweet summer jam! To encourage the right decision, we can unveil that most of the items below are to be found in our special offers section. It’s truly a wonderful time to be alive!


Sunny vibes with sunny art. Artwork by Leah Flores and Virgola.

Mug – “Absolutely 2” by Leah Flores, Canvas – “Vulcanamore” by Virgola

Yes, there’s absolutely nothing to not love about this scenery. A lot of what we’ll do during  those three torrid months will somehow gonna be connected with the whole nautical thing. Some will ingest their Bacardi’s on a yacht while others will simply cool down their hot heads in the nearby lake. Water is to summer what Poseidon is to Zeus. Okay, to cut it out with references to the Greek Mythology, summer is almost a synonymous with the beachside fun. The calculated value here – 49 euros! 

Roadtrip Rush

Sunny vibes with sunny art. Artwork by Jose Bernabe and Alexander Grahovsky.

Phone case – “Quotes for My Son Raul 7” by Jose Bernabe; Canvas – “NYMPH 01 Floating” by Alexander Grahovsky

Packing it all up is one of the funniest parts of the whole road trip affair. After all, you have to be 100% equipped with every little thing you didn’t even now you possessed before the start of the preparations. Books, underwear, toothbrush and a dozen of items that will never be touched during the trip, all of it somehow has to be squeezed into that vintage portmanteau of yours. But it’s a part of the process. The estimated value here – 72 euros.

Foreign SPA

Sunny vibes with Sunny Art. Artwork by Alexander Grahovsky.

Phone case artwork – “Dessert and Siesta” by Alexander Grahovsky

Resting by the poolside in a complete ease and ignorance regarding the surrounding activity has already become somewhat of a foreign trip cliche. However, it’s still  a widely exploited one. It’s the perfect setting for not doing anything at all. But, it is important to keep our cool and look beautiful even when we indulge ourselves in a noble act of…purely existing by the poolside. As there’s not much you can take with you in this case, you can get through with a little over 30 euros!  A chic phone case will catch any peek transmitted into your direction.

Rainy Summer Day Delight

Sunny vibes with sunny art. Artwork by Annisa Tiara Utami and My Dead Pony.

Mug – “Hot Chocolate” by Annisa Tiara Utami; Canvas – “Everything is Wrong for the Wrong Reasons” by My Dead Pony

Not everything about the summer is just bikinis and martinis. Sun can be a rather fickle lady so we often find it hiding behind some impressive big, black sky. However, most folks will agree, that the summer rain is a legitimately awesome thing. The pavements give up that peculiar smell, only comparable to the phenom of freshly cut grass, rainbow spares us with a natural lighting show and the crystal clear air becomes a real pleasure to breathe. The purpose of this set is to add something to the harmony of the whole experience. Be it a more melancholic vibe, it’s total worth is 42 euros. Sunny art for a rainy day! 

Ice Cream Break


Phone case – “Happiness 2“; Mug – “Happiness” by Annisa Tiara Utami

No talk of “sunny art” without this candy! For some, ice cream can really become a substitute for a regular source of nutrition. It’s tasty, cold and can function as a quick meal before heading into your next summer adventure. This set, though, represents a more symbolic facet of the frozen milk product in a wafer cone. This is about the lightness of being and making the best out of those three minuscule months available! Hackneyed as it may be, you have to carry out the full summer program. We don’t want any regrets for what’s been missed and trust us – you want them even less. Our last set is measured to be 52 euros in value. Invaluable, though, is its contribution to your summer experience!

So, these were five (or rather four and a half) sets of sunny art that won’t cost you a bank robbery. As we’ve postulated it numerous times in our previous articles, we really do believe that these little  thingies can make a significant contribution to the beauty of your life in general. It’s definitely worth a check.

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Sunny Vibes with Sunny Art!
Your perfect vacation set is not a million dollar question anymore! Here are five sets of what we'd call sunny art to enhance your summer experience!

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